More days like today

The most beautiful day… It was great.

This was a great day! So many things went right.  I wish more days went like today.

This morning, Presten let me sleep in and I woke up in a great mood, feeling a little tired but more rested.

As I cooked lunch I attempted to make Mom’s Tortilla Casserole, a meal my mom made often with turkey leftovers.  I was eager to make it taste near mom’s.  I DID IT!! I didn’t use the exact ingredients she did, but it tasted GREAT and so much like mom’s.  I was very proud of myself.

Then I encouraged Presten to take a nap when the kids did and I really enjoyed the quiet time.  We bought a game called “Fable” and we’ve enjoyed playing it; so I played that during nap time.

Then after nap we enjoyed watching the movie Cars with the kids.  I had made so much enchilada casserole for lunch that we had it for dinner. YUM TWICE! 😀  I never mind having the same thing for lunch and dinner when it tastes really good.

Just a side note — I attribute all my cooking and baking capabilities to God and my mom.  My mom is an awesome cook!! She never baked much when I was growing up, so I did most of the baking and loved it.  But my mom taught me so much about cooking.  She made me help her in the kitchen even when I didn’t want to.  I am so grateful for that!  She’s awesome!  So anyway, though I know I cook and bake well I take NO credit!  God has blessed me and that is that!

So any way…. After a great dinner we played with the kids.  Cassie is really into hide-and-go-seek, though she has a bit of trouble not laughing and giving herself away.  When she seeks, she will often call out, “Mommy, Daddy” and get a little upset if no one answers.  We’re still working on that one.  But we had so much fun playing.  Wren enjoyed it, too, even though she just clung onto me when I hide and sought.  She gave my hiding place away every time because she couldn’t stop giggling from excitement, but its okay.  It was so much fun!!

Then after all that, we danced to “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra.  (*Thank you Dr. Who!) and we all love dancing together.  Such fond memories are being made!!

After dancing everyone was tired, so we put the kids to bed and relaxed together.  We love Ghost Whisperer and enjoyed watching our latest recording.  When will Jim get his brains back!? Seriously!!…

Then I found a song on ITunes that I LOVE!! Its called “Float On” by Modest Mouse.  I LOVE THAT SONG!! It makes me feel like everything is going to be okay.

I LOVE MUSIC!! I really, really do. My life would be so different without music.  In fact, who knows what I would be like without it.  Music shapes me — it lifts me up when I feel down, it makes me feel loved, special, thoughtful… Music touches my soul. I love it.

So that was my super awesome day; a great Saturday with the man I love and my beautiful children.  If every day were like today it would be called Heaven. *sigh*

Oh yeah… and its been snowing off and on all day.  I love snow.  It was beautiful to look outside and watch it snow with Cassie.  I love Oregon! 🙂  It snows in NC, too (which is where I’m from), but not usually like this.  It would ice more than snow at my parents house.

*As for the Dr. Who bit… There was one episode that had that song on it.  We LOVED the song!! We had never heard it before that.  We didnt know what it was or what it was called, but we knew it was by “Electric Light Orchestra”.  So I entered that into my wonderful Pandora ( – go there, you’ll love it!) and the first song it played was that song – “Mr. Blue Sky”.  We’ve been dancing to it ever since!  We love to put it on and all dance together.  Cassie is such a cute little dancer.  It makes us all happy and feel good. 🙂  Look it up if you’ve never heard it.  Its great.

Well its late and though I could ramble on all night, you probably dont want to read all my ramblings right now.  Thanks for reading!

I love you and Jesus does, too.
*Love and Hugs*