Ever the busy woman!

When I created this blog I envisioned myself getting on often and sharing all the wisdom and knowledge I wish to impart on others.   Then the reality of my busy life hit, and I also realized that no one reads this blog!! Still… On the off chance that someone cares how my life is going and reads this blog, I will post an update.

I believe God is giving me a bit of a wake-up call.  I have spent the last few months doing almost nothing while my husband does everything — from dishes and trash, to taking care of the kids and laundry.  So OBVIOUSLY I have not been the noble woman lately… I have felt so blah myself, that I have put aside everyone and everything that matters and selfishly slept the days away.  I have enjoyed some time with my family here and there, but not as much as I should have.

Recently, though, I watched Nanny Diaries — which I intend to buy and make myself watch once a month.  If you are a stay at home mom — or a mom at all, really — it is worth watching for the simple purpose of making you think about your life a little.  It made me realize how incredibly precious and important my children are.  They are my life, my job, my reason to live, frankly.  When I say that I mean that I often feel like my kids are the only ones that need me.  My husband loves me, my parents love me, and my siblings love me — but do they really need me?? And what am I able to do for God’s kingdom aside from raising these amazing kids?? So these children — MY amazing children! — are my reason for living right now.

So that being said, part of my wake-up call came in the form of knowledge of others’ woes.  My friend Jessica F.F. — who is a HUGE picture taker, and definetly a prayer worrior worth having on your side — has posted on her FB about two people she knows who have sick children.  One child has some disease which makes his skin sick; so his parents can hardly touch him, hold him, change his diaper, feed him, etc… The other child has heart troubles.  Both sets of parents spend as much time as they can in the hospital with their children while the doctors try to fix their kiddo!  I CANNOT even FATHOM what that would feel like!! I was afraid and just broken when my baby was distressed inside me and we had the emergency c-sec to bring Wren into this world.   I kept picturing Stephen — another child I know with health issues — and worrying that Wren would come out like him.

Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against unhealthy or retarded children.  I believe they play an important role in every life who comes into contact with them.  However, I think we all desire to be as healthy as we can and have healthy children.  I doubt any parent desires to have unhealthy or retarded children, both for their sake and our own.  It is a trial and a drain.  Please dont be offended by anything you read here.  I have a big heart for every kind of person and mean nothing rude, crude or negative in any way.  I have never been one to subtly say something. If I intended to insult someone, I would blaitenly do so.  That all being said, lets move on.

So, considering all these unhealthy children and adding in the Nanny Diaries and I have changed my tune!  The past several days I have spent much more time with my kids.  I still havent spent all my time simply because we are moving and I am the only one packing.

We are moving… ahh and ugh at the same time.  I am praying that it is God’s will that we remain at this next location for several years.  That is, in fact, why we are chosing that apt.  Its a bit more expensive, but we should be able to remain there until we can purchase a house.  One more move until we “settle down”.  Maybe this time I can put up pictures and decorate?? hmm??

So Presten got a job (YAY), and it seems to be a good one. Only time will tell, really, but the guy seems to be a very nice one and the sitation seems to be very desirable.

I guess that is enough of an update, for now.
God bless!