Feeling Better

I am feeling significantly better, though still not great.  I would like to greatly thank Diana for her help.  I recently met her at church when we placed membership with a new congregation.  She is educated and wise in the ways of natural health, wellness, oils, and other such things.  I was very disappointed to learn that her husband may have found a job in DC and they would then move there.  Since then, my prayer has been that God do His will, but cant that be here?? ;)  I know God will do His will in her families life.

Healing has been rough.  Letting all those emotions go last weekend REALLY took its toll on my body.  LOL Every time I hear the word “toll” I think of the quote, “A tolls a toll and a rolls a roll.  If we dont get no tolls then we dont eat no rolls!”  If you know where that quote is from then give yourself a cookie! 😀

I am REALLY looking forward to the weekend.  I feel tempted to visit the coast again.  It is so beautiful out there and the drive is awesome.  Every once in a while I think of that place we visited that made us fall in love with OR.  It was near the coast we drove up this mountain just for fun.  On the way up we stopped to enjoy the view.  The view overlooked a valley with a river running through it; houses dotted along the river.   In the distance you could see the ocean so clearly you expected to be able to hear it!  It was the most beautiful site.  I often go back there in my mind and imagine living on a mountain like that with such a beautiful view.  I would gladly buy up that mountain but I think it was owned by the gov and clearly not for sale!

I recently read about Melissa Lancaster who is writing a book!  I was very excited to hear that the topic of her book is natural healing.  How cool.  Visit her website: http://www.melissalancaster.com/

Take care.  Im going to enjoy a bit of silence while my kids sleep.  Well maybe a bit of music, too. 😉