Happy, Happy! Seriously!

I am feeling almost completely well.  My skin isn’t doing so well, though.  I have rashes on my arms again and my lips are really dry.  I think I need WAY more water than I am drinking.  I know I should cut out the Mt. Dew, too, but its SO hard to make it through the day without it.  I fully understand coffee (YUCK) drinkers now!  I never did before…

I enjoyed a trip to a Pumpkin patch with my daughters and Cassie’s preschool class on Thursday.  I was able to meet many of the other mom’s as well as one dad.  Cassie has made friends with an adorable little girl Reese.  I was able to meet both her mom and dad; they seemed very nice.  I’m hoping to get to know them better.

That night was Mom’s night out (MNO) for the preschool mom’s.  I met more mom’s and enjoyed getting to know them better.  I had a blast and ate WAY too much Olive Garden pasta; I got the never ending pasta bowl!  I’m glad I used my trick though.  I eat about 1/3 and then ask for a new bowl.  I hate to waste, but better to go to waste than to waist – or hips in my case!!

I feel eager to slim down but not so eager to do the work and stop eating so much.  I love food!!!!  But I know if I don’t stop and lose some weight I will regret it just like my mother and my sister (and the rest of my family, actually).  They are all overweight and as much as I love them I don’t want to get any bigger. I’m already 50 lbs over weight! :(  It doesn’t seem like much, but it feels like it!  I know I’d feel and look better if I lost it.  I just need to work up the dedication and motivation.

Then again, like Ginny said “You cannot FEEL yourself into ACTION! You have to ACT yourself in to FEELING!”  How TRUE!

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