No Greater Joy

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 John 4

I have committed myself to being a Super Mom – lead by the Holy Spirit and guiding my children using principles from the Bible.  It is a hard road, one that requires constant change.  I cannot sit idle as my house becomes a mess, nor can I sit idle when I learn new truths that require a choice: to change or ignore.  As I shared in my last post, I have found a new source of wisdom, one that draws from the Bible: (ngj).

After spending nearly all day reading everything on that site that I thought might pertain to me, my brain hurts but my heart is joyful and excited.  I look forward to the changes taking place in me and my family.  I believe that being a wife and mom should be a joy, though lately it has been nothing but a chore for me.  My husband and I have commitment issues – not to each other, but to our word.  Our word means very little; we say, “I will…” but do not.  It is a frustrating and unintentional issue.  I have made it my goal to be trustworthy and reliable in my word, letting my “yes be yes and my no be no.” But my husband has not made that choice yet and it has made our marriage frustrating at times.  Additionally, my children have taken on fighting with each other, among other things.  As for myself, my health is failing in a most uncomfortable way and it makes me feel unwilling to rise and meet the day.

Yet reading these articles on the ngj website have renewed my strength and made me joyful of the changes to come.

I pray that God will guide me as I work to change my focus and share with my husband the views I suggest we change.  I also pray that God guide me as I work to improve my health, so that I made succeed in being as Super as possible, not feeling a pull to be idle due to discomfort and fatigue.

(It is not a matter of not knowing WHAT to do for my health, but more a matter of DOING IT!)

Please, reader, keep me in your prayers also.  The prayers of fellow believers are a great gift.

God help me.

Super Mom