Got a bunk-bed you don’t want?

I REALLY don’t like our kids sharing a room.  Not only do two beds make a small room feel very small, but Cassie constantly bothers Wren.  The past several days Cassie has woken Wren up at nap time.  I have tried admonishing her and disciplining her, but to no avail.  I think she does it because nap time is over when Wren wakes up – whenever that is.  If Cassie is awake, I make her stay in bed until Wren is awake.  So I think, in Cassie’s mind, if she wakes Wren up then nap time is over and she can get up.  And while is is partially true, it is not okay for Cassie to wake her sister up.  Today Cassie hasn’t napped at all, and she woke her sister up after a short while.  I can force Cassie to stay in bed and maybe she will go to sleep, but making Wren stay in bed is a challenge and getting her to fall asleep – especially back to sleep – is a bigger challenge.

I feel like much of this could be resolved with bunk beds.  Then they cannot see each other or bother each other easily.  I know I need to change the way we do things, also.  I think it would help to make them both stay in bed until nap time should be over.  The problem, though, is then they lay in bed and play which isn’t really any worse than just getting out of bed and playing.

So the frustrations that have to go soon, God willing are:

-Cassie not napping; often wakes her sister
-Much needed bunk bed
-Much needed second car, so I can do things out (like grocery shopping) when Presten is at work
-Storage space needed, to store that stuff we would use if we had a bigger place, among other things

So hopefully God will make these things work out soon.

Just needed to vent since I had just laid down to nap when Wren started crying because Cassie woke her up.  *sigh*  Maybe I’ll go to bed earlier tonight and get a better nights sleep.  Though I went to bed earlier last night and didn’t sleep good at all.  I had nightmares all night.  😦

❤ Super Mom