I love journaling.  Do you know why?? Because I really enjoy looking back at myself and seeing how much I have grown or areas in which I have intended to grow but still have not.  I can see mistakes I made and learned from or mistakes I have continually repeated over and over.  I can see how my focus has changed over time.  In essense, I learn more about me and how God is working in my life.  I SEE GOD.  I LOVE IT.

Tonight I re-read the journal I have been working on for my kids.  I began it a few days after I found out we were pregnant with Cassie.  I had so many emotions I wanted her to know them all.  I wanted her to see how I grew and changed.  I wanted all my children to understand how much I loved them, even on the ‘bad days’.

So I love writing about life, love, my kids, religious stuff – anything!!  I especially LOVE prayer journals.  HOW POWERFUL!  I can see how much God has worked in my life and the life of others.  It is so amazing!!

God is so good.  If by some chance you are reading this and do not know Him then I URGE you strongly to seek Him, stranger.  He is the most amazing, loving parent you could ever wish for.  I am so blessed by my Father God.