Birthday Blessings

Each birthday, as a child grows older and passes into adulthood, many cultures celebrate the passing of another year on earth.  In our culture, many children — and sometimes adults — blow out candles making a wish that they desire to come true.  Our friends and loved ones may give us gifts, as well.  Each culture and family has their own traditions and differences and I have decided to start my own.

The other day I was watching Shelly Duval’s “Sleeping beauty” with Cassie.  At the beginning, several fairies are gathered to bestow a magickal blessing upon the child.  In this particular version of the story, the things the fairies bestowed were, “The wit of an Angel”, “surpassing beauty”, “Grace in movement and beauty in song”, “Bravery” and other virtues.  This got me thinking.  The Bible often talks about fathers blessing their sons.  Why shouldn’t we bless our children?  One of my teachers at York, Mr. Sikes (by far my favorite teacher!!), said he blesses his children.

So I have decided that each year for each child’s birthday I will bless them myself, along with their family, and ask each attendee to also come up with a birthday blessing and write it down.  Then to personally commit to pray for that blessing to be bestowed upon my child.  The blessing could be as simple as “may everything this child cooks or bakes taste amazing”, to philosophical things like, “may this child always have an intimate and meaningful relationship with God”.  How much more important are these things than a passing, breakable, plastic toy?? Sure the gifts and such are enjoyed, the cake tastes great and the company is delightful.  But the toys get given away, broken or packed up, the cake becomes waste in our bodies, and the company may pass with time.  But blessings are everlasting when they are made into prayer.

There is my idea and I cant wait for Wren’s birthday to try it out.

😀 Super Mom