We’re just bugs

Have you ever seen “A Bugs Life”?  Its a cute movie about mostly ants and their relationship with the mean grasshoppers.  There is a profound moment in the movie where Flick, an inventor and thinker in the movie, says to the little princess ant, Dot, “Do you see this rock?  Pretend its a seed, ok?  Well this seed contains everything that is needed to make a whole tree!”.  Of course then Dot, not really getting the point, replies with, “This rock will become a tree?  You’re weird!”  But this thought led me to a even better thought.  We are much like seeds.  If you think about it, a seed does not contain everything it needs to produce a plant.  While the seed does contain the information and potential for how to produce a plant, it needs other things to complete the process.  If you have taken an elementary science class you know that a seed generally needs light (usually from the Sun), air, and soil with the proper nutrients.  Some plants are more difficult than others and such plants cannot or will not grow without fertilizer.

So you see we are the seed.  When we are born we have plenty of potential.  There is potential for anything.  What is the difference between the baby who grows up to be a mass murdering rapist and the baby who grows up to be a police officer who proudly arrests such lawbreakers?  Is it there DNA?  Is it their parents? Siblings? Teachers?  Environment?  The food they eat?  Perhaps it is a combination of all these factors.  But, I believe, the truth is that each child possesses the equal potential for greatness or evil.  It is not that a baby contains evil DNA.  Perhaps some have proposed that who we become is in our DNA but I have yet to see such research.  But I believe that perhaps, in the end of it all, it comes down to a choice.  Maybe a particular rapist was molested when he was 8 and it messed him up in the head. But he still made a choice to turn to raping people to express his aggression or whatever feelings he has.  No one made him do it.  No one ever forces us to make a choice, not even God.  I do believe that God provides us with the truth and surrounds us with the proper nutrients and in the right moment gives us a choice, but he does not force us one way or the other, and neither does Satan.  Who we are is a choice. So only one question now remains. Do you like who you are?

I am:
among other good things…

But I also am:
impatient at times
very mean when I get angry
oblivious to others feelings when I talk sometimes
and have a serious problem with complaining
among other flaws…

No one is perfect and those who believe themselves to be are obviously imperfect.  Additionally, no one is at a point where change is impossible, though perhaps you know someone whom you would say that change is improbable.

If you want to be someone else
~’Sister Hazel’ the music band