What I want for my health

I wake up early in the morning and spring out of bed.  I feel energetic, alert and excited about starting my day.  As the day progresses, my energy stays constant as I run about and do my chores, take care of my kiddos and even get out in the fresh air and enjoy the day.  I am physically active: I take walks, go hiking, and even occasionally mountain climb and I FEEL GREAT while I do these things.  My emotional state is contented and when troubles arise I handle them with grace and peace, and when troubled I return to emotional contentedness quickly and easily.

My life is filled with fun, pleasure, sunshine, order and organization.  I look around and am pleased with my actions and achievements.  I feel GREAT!


Why do I want these things?

When I am a seasoned lady in my prime I want to feel this way.  I am nearly 27 and feel like some defecated mass on a regular basis.  I rarely have energy.  I feel miserable!  And if at 27 I feel this way, if such a life continues without positive change how will I feel when I am old? I bet I would wish I were dead!!  I do not wish to DREAD “old age”; instead I wish to embrace it and enjoy my passing time.  I want to LIVE in the moment instead of surviving it.  I am committed to change in my life and to making this change deep, personal, passionate and permanent.

Now, since that change has not yet begun, I need a nap!

Super Mom