I did it.

So yesterday I felt a pull to eat everything in the house that might tempt me (like that ice cream in my freezer) and that included a mt dew at 8 p.m.  So I was up until 4:30 a.m.  Even so my loving husband woke me up early so I could start my plan (just as I had asked him to).  The day went somewhat well although I felt understandably tired.  We went grocery shopping this afternoon for a few last minute lean and green options.

I was really proud of myself that I walked through the store and only left with what was allowed — not a single bag of chips or sweet item (despite my serious addiction to sweets!).

So here is what I ate for my lean and green.  I thought I did pretty good but the log on this website said I was a bit low.  What do you think?

0.5 cup Raw Iceberg Lettuce
0.5 cup cheddar cheese (finely shredded)
1 tblsp Tomato Sauce
1 tblsp Salsa
6 sprays of wishbone italian spray
ONE MS Tomato Basil Pizza Pattie
1 tsp raw garlic
0.5 cup sliced raw mushrooms (I measured these before I cooked them then cooked them with the garlic. Did I do that right??)
0.5 cup  sliced raw grape tomatoes (I cut these in half and cooked them a little with the mushrooms and garlic.)

I mixed all the above up in a salad and it was awesome! Something I would totally eat even if I werent dieting.  The best part was that I could taste the salsa, dressing and tom sauce even though I didnt use much!  I was surprised at how great this tasted!  I only used one MS pattie so that I could also use cheese. I made certain I measured it right based on the amount of fat etc and shredded it finely.

I also had a pickle half, a Popsicle, and some chicken broth at some point during the day.

So I was very surprised that I  came out on the low end.  Should I measure my foods after I cook them?? How do I do that if I am only cooking for myself?  Then I might cook too much and want to eat that, too!

I am so glad this day is almost over.  It was tough and as I walked through the grocery store I got a taste of what a diabetic feels – desiring all those sugary foods and being unable to enjoy them!  BUT I DID IT!! Im so proud of myself. :D  God help me tomorrow!!


Scrambled Eggs: texture SUCKED but taste was good.  Texture might be improved if I change the way I prepared them.

Chili-cheese Nacho Puffs: LOVE THEM! I could eat them all the time!!

Strawberry Crunch Bar: Texture was OK but a bit powdery.  Taste was alright but not great.  I had to choke down the last few bites.  Wouldnt probably choose this bar but might re-try it later as taste buds change.  Left my mouth feeling dry and bad aftertaste.

Chicken Noodle Soup: Texture of the “meat” product was not good.  Overall taste was great especially once I added salt.  Noodles were tiny and unnoticeable.  Perhaps I would prefer the rice one?

Chocolate Pudding: actually really good.  I made it with extra water and blended it then placed it in the freezer for about 5 minutes.  It was cold and little frosted over.  I really enjoyed it. 🙂

Good night!