Day three: from tired to energized!

Well today was GREAT.  I began the day feeling exhausted and grumpy but realized I hadn’t drank any water.  After drinking four or five glasses I felt much better.

I was surprised that I didn’t encounter any foods I didn’t like today, even though I tried several new ones.

I had so much energy in the after noon that I spent at least 4 hours cleaning my house.  How embarrassing that it was so dirty that I could spend 4 hours cleaning it!?  I did spend about half of that time folding clothes though.  I LOVE cleaning!! 😀

So here is my review of the foods:

fruit and nut crunch bar – this tasted way better than I anticipated.  Most fruit and nut bars are a bit dry and somewhat tasteless with the fruits being mostly apples. However this bar tasted a lot like a marshmallow bar and had much more fruit flavor in the fruit pieces than most bars do.  Loved it!

Mid-Morning Snack:
Oatmeal raisin crunch bar – this also tasted totally different than I expected.  I generally do not like oatmeal raisin things but this was great.  The texture was perfect and the flavor was so much better than any other “oatmeal raisin” flavored things!!

Banana Cream Pudding Shake – I realized that I was eating a lot of the bars and I don’t want to run out of them before the end of the month so I decided to try a new idea.  I mixed HALF a package of banana cream pudding with HALF a package of banana cream shake and blended it with ice to make a thick milky shake.  It wasn’t awesome and definitely did NOT taste like banana cream PIE but it was good.

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
Peanut Butter Crunch bar – I intended to eat less bars but I was REALLY craving sugar so I decided to eat something I knew was sweet.  I made myself savor it and it lasted 30 minutes!  I’m proud of myself for making a four inch bar last 30 minutes.  I prolonged it by cutting the bar into eight pieces and then sucking on them instead of chewing them. YUM!

Dinner: Lean and Green (details below)

Evening Snack:
Swiss Mocha (Shake) “ice cream” – This was super yummy.  I blended the shake ahead of time and tasted it a little at dinner so I knew what it tasted like.  Then I put a lid on the “magic bullet” jar and put it in the freezer.  Three hours later I took it out, ran it under hot water just to loosen it from the sides and then re-blended it to make a sort of ice cream.  It was REALLY good and way better this way.  I was glad I tasted it before and after so I could compare the difference.  Its amazing how much difference it makes when it is cold or frozen.

Lean and Green Details:
I had something similar to the other night with the Tomato Basil Pizza Burger from Morning Star Farms.  I chopped up mushrooms and cooked them a little in garlic and water (no oil or butter).  Then I removed the mushrooms being very careful to leave the water and garlic in the pan.  I then used the left-over yellow pepper from last night (1/2 cup) and cooked it in the same pan to give the pepper a little garlic taste.  The best part about that was that after I was finished there was still water in the pan that tasted like garlic, peppers and mushrooms.  I mixed that water with 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar.  (I really need to buy more vinegar because that’s the only kind I have right now!  I prefer white or apple cider.)  This made a sort of dressing and after refrigerating it a bit to cool it down I used it as my salad dressing.  It was much better than I expected and I will definitely be experimenting with ways of using a sort of flavored water as a dressing.  It would be less fat, taste good and moisten my lettuce. (I HATE a dry salad!!)
Next I sliced my grape tomatoes and chopped the lettuce and made a salad.  I refrigerated my peppers and mushrooms a bit and later wished I hadn’t but I didn’t want them to wilt my lettuce.  I cooked the patty and chopped it up.  I mixed it all together with the dressing and 1/2 cup of finely shredded cheese.  It was a very good salad but I preferred having a tomato dressing like the last time.  I will have to figure out how to make a sort of tomato vinaigrette using mostly water. hmm…

When I logged the meal it was a little over on the green which was to be expected since I used four veggies instead of three but I was going for variety.  I think next time I may try 1/4 c of peppers and tomatoes instead.  I want to be able to use more types of veggies but smaller amounts.  I wonder if that is allowed…

Well it was a great day and I am so very grateful I started this diet.  I would recommend it to anyone!!  But I imagine the first few days are way harder for people who usually eat more meat and uppers.  I am just missing my sugar a bit…


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