Day two (yesterday that is)

I didnt get around to posting yesterday.  Sundays are so busy and I had a tough time.  Its really hitting me – missing the sugar that is.  This diet is so low carb I cant even have fruit!!  So no fruit smoothies! :(  But this diet is good.  I feel confident in its ability to help me.

So I am going to blog about yesterday only and I will blog about today later.

The hardest times of the day were mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Perhaps those are the times I should have the sweetest Medifast crunch bars.  That should at least help.  I bought a diet Pepsi but it just wasnt the same…  Last night I did feel tired around 10 or so, but we didnt go to bed until nearly 12, at which point I had to eat another meal.  I intend to never do that again.

I have had super weird dreams lately and I wish I didnt.  They are not good weird but bad and gross weird.  Like last night I dreamt that I was living with my parents and they were living in the basement with my kids and I was living upstairs.  What was creepy was that the whole dream had that “oh no something bad is going to happen!!” feeling!! :P  Then I dreamt about high school and those dreams are always super weird because everyone is married with kids or whatever (all grown up) but in high school.  That just makes no sense…  And in every high school dream I am married with kids but still looking for Mr. Right for some reason.  I guess its because I  love that whole married the high school sweet heart bit.  I would have loved that.  But alas the one guy I did date in high school would have made a good friend but we just werent meant for each other.  Sometimes I wonder what happened to him…

Any way… back to the diet!

So here is what I ate and the ratings.

Morning: Peach oatmeal  – this stuff was horrible.  It frankly tasted like flour with almost no flavor at all.  It didnt taste bad and the texture was fine, it just was so bland I had to choke it down.

Mid-Morning snack:  Chocolate mint crunch bar – YUM!!  One of my favorites.  The texture was a little powdery but the flavor was perfect.  I will buy these again!

Lunch: Broccoli cream soup – I wanted something that tasted real but didnt want to fix my “lean and green” yet.  This soup did not disappoint.  I had to add a tsp of salt and a 1/4 tsp of butter buds but it was really great after the addition.  The texture wasnt really creamy but I added 6 oz of water and could add less next time. Buy again!

Mid-Afternoon snack:  Peanut Butter Crunch bar – I was REALLY struggling by now and this did help some.  The flavor was AWESOME!! The peanut butter flavor was just like Reese’s peanut butter flavor.  This is my very favorite so far!

Dinner: Lean and Green (details below)

Evening snack: Vanilla Pudding – I love this stuff.  It tastes kinda like cake batter but with a hint of coconut.  I really enjoy eating it.  I mixed it with 6 oz of water instead of 4 and blended it with lots of ice.  It made it cold and drinkable.  It was like having a thick shake.

Late-night snack: Lemon Meringue Crunch Bar – this one was okay.  The texture was perfect but the taste was almost too lemony.  It wasnt bad and it is something I would buy again to keep the variety.

Lean and Green details:
I had a turkey taco salad.  I experimented with more lean and more green since on the first day the website said I was too low.  So I did turkey, cheese, iceberg lettuce (2.5 cups!), a little tomato sauce, a little salsa, grape tomatoes, and yellow peppers.  The peppers made me burp and I used way too much turkey (8 oz). But overall it was pretty good.  I had to add the tom sauce because the salad was so dry.  I dont like naked salad!!  I like my lettuce to be almost dripping but not wilted.  After all that he website said I had too much lean but perfect on the green so I will try again tonight.

I am looking forward to all the extra energy everyone says you have.  Right now I feel exhausted and just want more sleep!!  I better drink water.

So far so good…