Doctor Overview: Essentially a failure…

I wrote my doctor and health coach who wrote me back and said, basically, that I was doing a lot of stuff wrong or not as well as I could and therefore not entering the coveted “fat burning mode”.  So despite the fact that the doctor put it so kindly, I feel like a complete failure and a little depressed that I am basically starting over.  Oh well.  At least this time I get to start on the weekend. 😛

2 thoughts on “Doctor Overview: Essentially a failure…

  1. You are not a failure. Edison exploded hundreds of light bulbs and was asked by a reporter how he felt – “having failed so many times?” His reply was that he had not failed at all, he was just that many times closer to the solution! So, today we have light bulbs and tomorrow you will have the body you are working just as hard to achieve. You are just smarter for your journey and will be able to help someone else in the same way. Hang in there.

    The other mom


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