Day Three (again): That is yesterday…

Well yesterday was so busy that I didnt get to blog about it.  I felt pretty good, though pretty tired.  We didnt go to bed until 1 a.m. on Saturday so that is the main reason I felt so tired.  Last night we went to bed much earlier and I feel pretty good today.

I forced myself to taste the Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal yesterday and it was awful!!  For lunch we ate at Chipotle and I had a Barbacoa salad with loads of lettuce and tomatoes (pico de gallo).  It was very good.  In fact it would be yum to have it again today… oh well.  We enjoyed our lunch with some church family friends, the Arnold’s and the Stofans.  It was nice to have some time to chat with adults and I found out that both mom’s stay home with their kiddos and live near me.  So we’ll have to get together this week.

Lastly, Presten and I are looking into a semi-final move.  We are so tired of living in an apartment with no yard and so little space, especially with so many neighbors that come and go.  I want to be more settled.  I have not put pictures up on the wall since we got married and I would like to feel settled enough to do so.  So please pray for us that God may make this move a good one or not at all.  We only want to move if it will be a step up in space, comfort and happiness.  (I want to clarify that I dictate my happiness but it is easier to feel happy in more ideal situations.)  Really, we just want to be settled for a few years.  Cassie has moved EVERY YEAR since she was born and we want to be settled enough to break that trend.

My children are tired and hungry and therefore quite grumpy at the moment so I cant post much right now.  Time to go fix lunch and put them down for nap.  I think I’ll nap today, too.

Hope your day is going well, reader. 🙂