Day Five: Temptations abound!

So Tuesday is my hardest day!!  I have Ladies Bible Class in the morning (which I really enjoy) then Cassie has class after lunch so we always stay to have lunch.  So that means I am out for Breakfast, mid-morning snack, Lunch and afternoon snack (and sometimes even Dinner).  There are always treats at LBC and they are usually very yummy and quite irresistible.  Well today a sweet young lady named Julie brought some sort of pie (I dared not investigate), some sort of extremely yummy looking pastries and sausage balls.  Talk about temptation!!  I finally gave in and tasted a sausage ball and they were very good, but not as good as being skinny, holding my new baby and eating healthy.  In the end I decided that it wasn’t worth it and didn’t give in and eat more than one – but I really shouldn’t have even had one. :P  Then for Lunch the teachers (at Cassie’s preschool) were eating Chinese and offered us some.  I allowed my kiddos to indulge but did not eat any, which was tough for me because Asian food is my super fav!  (Well I love any type of food that tastes good!!)

So I was a pretty good girl today.  I considered just taking a break from the diet and eating the foods they had at LBC but I did not, especially since only 5 lbs doesn’t warrant a break.  Now my birthday (which is about two months away) may warrant a break especially if I have lost the weight I want to lose.  I always have Dairy Queen Double Chocolate chip Cookie Dough (with EXTRA cookie dough) blizzard ice cream cake for my birthday! ALWAYS!! It would be sad to miss out this year BUT my goals are worth it.  Plus I’ve told Presten that its totally fine with me if we move my birthday celebration (with friends and CAKE) to this summer AFTER I have lost my weight.  Then there will REALLY be something to celebrate – I’m alive AND well! 😀

So I thought I would share some lessons I have learned on this diet so that you, the reader, may perhaps learn something from my mistakes, downfalls, and plain observations. (These are in the order I thought of them, not by importance or significance.)  Here goes:

  • Using a “Magic Bullet” or other blender is much, much better than using the “shaker jar” that comes with the program.
  • All the shakes taste much more appetizing if they are FROZEN and then blended.
  • Make life-style changes and learn to prepare healthy meals.  If you stop eating unhealthy to lose weight but once that weight is off you go right back to it, then you will never keep your weight off.  I had so many unhealthy habits and addictions.  I loved having Mt. Dew in the early morning – blue mt dew is my fav! I hate coffee and the Mt. Dew gave me the push I need to get the day going.  So unhealthy for me though…
  • If you are not satisfied with your Health Coach (with Take Shape for Life) you can change HC’s.  I am not aware of how to do this but have been told that it is possible.  I am fortunate to have a good HC.
  • For optimum results, find a goal that really means a lot to you – especially one that makes you feel emotional.  Food is emotional.  We eat when we feel things.  So it is important to have a goal that you can think of when you feel tempted to eat.
  • Eating is social.  Have your own food or diet friendly food at social gatherings.
  • Plan ahead – always carry a bar in your purse (or pocket if your a guy).  That way if you get caught expectantly you will still have food.
  • Determine for yourself why you want to lose this weight and stick with it.  Never let a well-meaning friend deter you.  I have had several good friends tell me, “You don’t need to lose weight! You look great!” After unsuccessful convincing, I tell them “honey, you have NOT seen me naked! I just hide my fat very well.”  Sure I may not be 200 lbs overweight but that does not mean that I am my healthiest weight for me.
  • If you find yourself reasoning out why its okay to do something then its not.  Tell yourself NO and move on.
  • Have a support friend – not just your Health Coach.  Its important to have a friend who will cheer you on, especially one who will encourage you to eat what you should.  Presten is very good at this.
  • Put up sticky notes to remind you of your goals.  I have notes on my office wall reminding me of Bible verses that encourage me as well as a sign with my goals on it as a drawing by yours truly of my potential future baby.  It reminds me that my goals are so much more important than the temporary pleasure I get from eating something I enjoy
  • That is one of the most important things to realize: eating yummy unhealthy food is like having good sex with the wrong partner: it may feel good but the feeling doesn’t last long.  Sure chocolate tastes good.  Sure I love ice cream.  But I am working my body toward a healthier me and if I eat those thing I will only feel guilty and disappointed in myself.  Also the yummy taste only lasts a few seconds with each bite, which means I need to keep eating to keep enjoying.  That is how I got fat in the first place.
  • Also you must realize that healthy food and good food CAN be the same thing, you just have to learn how to combine those two.  I have found it very hard to make healthy food taste good but I think I am finally there.  Keep working at it! Your body is WORTH IT!
  • And finally: You are worthy of a healthy body.  When our bodies are unhealthy we don’t feel as good as we could.  We cannot do as much as we could if we were healthy.  And most important: we wont live as long!!  Unhealthy people – especially obese people – die younger and with more health problems.  I don’t know about you but when I get old I don’t want to feel old and I am certain that feeling bad and being old do not have to go together.  We have all known some old person who was 85+ but still active and looked healthy and felt great.  My Granny in FL is that way.  Sure she is in her late 80’s but she looks great, feels pretty good and still walks down her long drive way to get the mail, “just a little slower” she says.  So remind yourself, “I am worthy of the healthy body I am working toward.  I deserve good health!”

I know I am and that is why I wont let anyone stop me from becoming a healthier me.  I cant wait to see what I look like!