Day 6: a few more lessons learned

I am forcing myself to not jump on the scale more than once a week.  But there is no way that I could NOT be losing weight as few calories as I have been eating.  The past four days I have had no more than 900 calories and some days much fewer.

I don’t feel as great as I want to every day but I am certain that the reason is the late time I have been getting to bed, rather than the diet itself.  I haven’t gone to bed before 10:30 since I started the diet, and have stayed up quite late on many days.

This morning I tried baking the “muffins” using the suggestion on the box.  They were alright – way better than the oatmeal by itself.  Presten brought more oatmeal home yesterday after a pt brought it to work because they didn’t like it and were going to throw it away.  I could stand eating the muffins, or at least Presten could eat them for breakfast, but I cant stand the oatmeal by itself.

I also discovered today that I must add more than 6 oz to the shakes in order to make the blended “iced cream” I like to make.  I tried adding less than 8 oz it instead of making “iced cream” it made sort of a whipped mousse stuff, which was not as appetizing as it may sound.  So if you intend to try making a sort of “iced cream” out of the shakes then by all means start with 8 oz of water, not 6 oz!

TMI warning: I know I have lost some more weight because before I started this diet my “under garments” were so tight I really needed the next size up.  Now they are still somewhat tight but not so much that they dig into my thighs.  So I must be smaller…

That is about it for today.  I felt more tired than I would have liked to an slept while the kiddos took their nap.  I keep hoping that my extra energy will kick in but I guess in order to do that I would have to actually sleep more at night, huh?  Maybe I’ll get to bed earlier tonight… maybe!