Day 8: Deep Seated Beliefs Challenged

I love food.  I love to eat. I love to make my taste buds happy.  I love to cook food. I love to smell food.  I LOVE to bake yummy goods.  I love to lick the bowl afterward.  I love the smell of cooking bacon early in the morning when I still feel groggy and its aroma wakes me up.  I love the sound of French fries cooking in the fryer.

Did I spend too much time around food as a kid? Yes.  Many of my favorite memories revolve around food. 
Daddy making pancakes for breakfast, and sometimes bacon.  His pancakes are always the best. 
Helping Mom prepare and cook Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas many years.
Helping Mom prepare several special meals like shrimp for New Years Eve and home made eggrolls from scratch.

My mother has a way of taking raw ingredients and turning them into something amazing.  Its not my parents fault that I love food so much, well not directly. 

I was thinking about my birthday and all I could think about was what food I would eat – pizza, ice cream cake, mmm, and maybe even Mt Dew!  What about fellowship? Friends? Good times with people I care about? Is food all that really matters to me?  Now of course I am on a diet so it is understandable that I am thinking about food so much.  But it made me re-think my beliefs and thoughts about food.

Its not that food is the most important thing to me.  On the contrary, the time I spend with those I love is one of the most important day-to-day things in my heart.  The problem is that when I was growing up many of my most vivid memories revolved around food and my whole family enjoys eating (and our bodies show it) and I suppose I just associate good times with food.  Our family always talked over meals and we would talk while we prepared those meals.  The conversations were usually important, not just “what was the weather like today?”.  It was the only family time we really had consistently.  As I became a teenager, my Dad and I would work outside on things (I grew up on a farm), and I would often help my mother in the garden (though I spent most of my time with my Dad).  Those memories are some of my most cherished memories I have and they have very little to do with food.  But by then I was a teenager and the foundation had been laid.

So I suppose my revelation is that food only matters so that is may nourish my body.  How many things do I eat just because they taste good?  I know I have discussed this before so I wont go down that road again. (See previous post “Day two-ish”.)  I have realize though that I must not allow food to occupy so much of my thinking.

As for the diet portion of my day it went rather well.  I had the weirdest feeling of having energy yet feeling very tired.  I stayed up very late last night with Presten because he didn’t get home until 11 from the men’s retreat.  He’s staying there tonight so I have no excuse to stay up late.  Once the kids are asleep I intend to go to bed shortly thereafter.

Now I must go parent I hear them playing in bed…


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Deep Seated Beliefs Challenged

  1. Honestly, I think everyone loves food and craves good food. But good food doesn’t always mean that it’s not healthy or not good for you. It’s just that you shouldn’t have certain items every day. Good luck to you and your diet. Personally I’m not a fan of diets, but if it works for you, keep it up! =)


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