Dieting is paying off

I am now down to 170 lbs from 200 lbs.  I feel great about how much weight I have worked off and I am really looking forward to working the rest off.

Today went rather well.  I am getting toward the end of my months worth of food but still have quite a bit left.  I’m SO GLAD I didn’t eat the stuff I like first.  Then I would be left with nothing but the stuff I hate now.  Instead I made myself eat the stuff I didn’t prefer more often and I saved the best for last.  So now most of the meals I have left are the good stuff, which makes this long-haul much easier!

I’m ready to start exercising.  I have more energy (YAY!) and have felt pent-up energy that I just want to work out.  I really enjoy doing “aerobic dancing”, especially Carmen Electra’s videos. ;)  Its fun and it works!  I lost 15 lbs rather quickly last time I did the videos on a regular basis.  So I am really hoping adding this in will help.  I intend to talk to my Health Coach about adding it in soon.

It has been a bit tough not cheating but I have stuck to the diet rather well.  I am finding myself craving pizza rather often and cant wait to sink my teeth into a veggie pizza asap.  But working my weight off is well worth waiting to eat pizza.  Imagining being healthy really helps!

Well I’m off to bed soon!