Thank you, my friend.

I would like to express my thanks to all those who noticed my weight loss.  This diet has been hard work.  I never imagined how hard it could be to RESIST sweet foods.   Mann-O-Mann!!  It sure was difficult.

I’m not finished yet. My primary goal now is to begin exercising.  This old fat on my hind quarters is not coming off easily.  So soon I will begin dancing the fat away!  I have these awesome aerobic dance videos.  I refresh my dancing and I burn a ton of weight away.  Plus the package includes a fitness video with 30 minute segments separated into body parts.  So I can do the “thigh” segment on day and the “abs” segment another day.  I figure if I work my thighs on Monday, my abs on Wednesday and dance on Friday, taking a break on Tuesday and Thursday, then I should have all the rest of my fat gone in no time.

So thank you all so very much for your encouragement.  I know not everyone has been on board with my diet, and many have expressed concern for me.  Still, I appreciate all the love I have gotten from so many lovely ladies.  It feels so good to hear someone day, “Wow you look good!”.  I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a week and she said I looked great and it made my day.  In fact several people said I look great.

So thank you.  I need encouragement.  Im not done yet, though not far to go.