Good bye Lane Bryant!!

…Your clothes may be pretty but now Im too skinny to wear them!! WOO HOO!!

I’m doing GREAT! I have found that even with great goals it is often hard to resist temptation. I have stopped buying goldfish crackers for my kids because I simply could NOT resist them. The smell alone was too much!! It doesn’t help that I am the Mommy who cooks for the whole family so I have to prepare foods that I cannot eat. We cannot afford for the whole family to eat the meat and veggies I have been fixing for myself at dinner. So that leaves the family eating mac and cheese, pasta with sauce, chili, and various soups – all of which are pretty cheap to fix but ever so tantalizing to me. All things considered I have done quite well, if I do say so myself. I had lost 35 lbs – down to 165 – the smallest I have been in 6 years or more. I recently started exercising and when I weighed yesterday I was back up to 170 which makes me wonder if my muscles are “growing” and making me weigh more. My measurements last Saturday were very encouraging. We had to take a couple of them twice just to be sure the number was right because it was so surprising!! I am down several pant sizes and {TMI warning} my panties no longer cut into my legs!

Rather than rewarding me with food, Presten gave me $60 to spend on myself and I went out and bought $40 worth of clothes at Goodwill (that way when I grow out of them it wont be a big deal to pass them on). I bought two new pairs of jeans, several shirts and a lovely flowing black skirt. I was very excited. I am reserving the rest of the money for later when I feel the need to cheat. Instead of cheating by buying ‘evil’ food I will reward myself with something good and non-food. That has been very effective and helpful for me.

So I was up to a size 18/20 pants BEFORE the diet – weighing in at 200 lbs. When I went to Goodwill I was able to buy a size 12 jeans!! How awesome is that!?!?! I was also able to buy smaller shirts. Soon I will whip out the “skinny clothes” I have in storage, but I want to make certain I have lost enough so that I don’t get them out and end up depressed.

My tangible goal is to get small enough to fit into my favorite skinny jeans; they are a size 11 junior. I can pull them up now but am still too fat to even try to button them. When I was 17 I got into a horrible wreck (as some of you may remember) and they are identical to the jeans I was wearing when they cut my clothes off and discarded them. I suppose that’s why they mean so much to me. I was thrilled to find another pair of them weeks later at Wal-Mart.

This diet has been hard. The hardest part being the things mentioned above as well as dealing with stress. I am an emotional roller coaster. When I feel stressed or depressed or anxious I EAT or drink. It has been SO HARD not being able to eat CHOCOLATE when I feel stressed or occasionally make myself a daiquiri in the evening after a long, hard day of parenting fussy kids. But since I started exercise I have found that those high-stress days are fewer and fewer. I think the main reason they felt so stressful is because of my health. When my health is compromised, it is easier to feel stressed, depressed or anxious.

The blood sugar thing seems to be under control mostly. Occasionally I will have a rough day where I feel nauseous and/or dizzy but I find it coincides with drinking too little water. I have managed to drink 8 glasses or more every single day of the diet, but often I don’t get around to the last 6 glasses until after 6 p.m., which means my body is thirsty all day until then. Those days are hard and are unfortunately frequent. I am out a lot on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and I find on those days it is hard to drink while I’m out, even if I take water with me.

I have finally cut out all sodas. When the diet began I switched to Diet Pepsi, but after having dinner with Heather and Wayne I have switched to Crystal light (I never knew how good it was!).

Praise God for exercise and how good its made me feel.  God help me to continue doing well on this diet.

On a different note Presten FINALLY got his raise – hallelujah!! :D  God is good, even when life is not.

x ❤ x

2 thoughts on “Good bye Lane Bryant!!

  1. Super extra loud WAY TO GO! I always felt a sense of shame walking into Lane Bryant, esp. since there is an Express across the hall – and I used to do ALL my shopping at Express in my 20’s. sigh.

    Anyway, good for you and keep it up!


    1. I wanted to make certain you got my response to your encouraging comment:
      You should never feel ashamed about your body — whether you are a size 10 or a size 26! Instead take charge of your health! I have seen remarkable turn-arounds in health and weight management. Some people will not change until the pain of staying the same is so great that it outweighs the pain of changing. But those of us who do not wait until we are in serious pain are the ones who said, “ENOUGH!” and took charge. Do not wait, hon!! If you feel ashamed and you used to shop at Express who is stopping you from becoming healthy enough to shop there again? YOU! You are the only one in your way. You are the one allowing yourself to continue down this road of feeling dissatisfied with your health. Overcome and take charge! YOU CAN DO IT! HOORAH! 😀
      x ❤ x


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