Strangers think I’m quiet; friends wish I was…

Everyone needs a bit of peace and quiet now and then. I love my children so much, but love really has nothing to do with the need for a break!  Since Serenity was born over 2 years ago she has never spent the night at anyone’s house and I have never had more than a few hours break from both kiddos.  For those of you who don’t know, Cassandra is just like her mother – she talks non-stop!!!  This is great sometimes but occasionally I just want a break when I can talk without being interrupted by her and even have moments of silence.  Not to mention watching TV without having to pause, or at least being in control of the pausing. 😉

Friday was my 27th birthday.  That may not seem like a big deal to some, but “Big birthdays” are all about perception.  Some may want a big bash for their 21st, others their 30th, me it was my 27th.  I am big on numbers and, in the Bible, 2 is often associated with “complete” and 7 is usually associated with “perfect” – therefore is stands to reason that the mixture of 2 and 7 is completely perfect, right?  Not that this year makes me completely perfect (so far from it!) but that I hope the events this year will be brighter, happier and more pleasant, especially compared to the year my sister died, I had an emergency c-sec and several other horrible events happened!! Yeah that was the worst year of my life!! Here’s to prayin’ for a better year this 27th!

My wonderful husband went all out this year.  Last year we weren’t able to do anything at all and he promised to make it up to me. I told him I wanted 27 to be awesome! Well he sure delivered.

Friday morning I woke up about 7 a.m., sat up to look at the clock and noticed Presten sneaking through the room in jeans and a collared shirt.  Feeling rather groggy I said to him, “Why are you wearing jeans to work?”  (He always wears slacks, a collared shirt and a tie.)  He got a funny look on is face and sat beside me on the bed. “Well, I took the day off.  I was going to let you sleep in but I cant find clothes for the kids.  The plan was for me to get up, take the kids to Colleen’s house, come home, put my pajamas back on and slip in bed without you knowing it.  Surprise!”  That would have been funny.  I told him I didn’t mind helping him with the kids.

He further explained the weekend while I got the kids ready to go and got dressed.  “Well Colleen is taking both kids this morning and then Cassie is going to Diana’s house and Serenity is going to Heather’s house.  Then tomorrow afternoon Marlene will take Serenity.”  What??
“So they are spending the night?” I was surprised!
“Yep.  Happy birthday, honey!!”  I was really excited.  More than 24 hours with peace and quiet… What a gift!  “So what are we going to do while they are gone?” I wondered if he had it all planned out.
“Well that is up to you.  I wasn’t sure what you would want to do and I wasn’t sure about the weather.  I looked into a bed and breakfast or a hotel but they are all so expensive we couldn’t really afford it.”  He sounded disappointed he couldn’t give me more.
“Well, honey, if the kids are going to be gone then there is no reason to pay for a bed somewhere else!! It will be great to sleep in our own bed without the kids!” I reassured him.  I was super excited!!

We dropped the kiddos off at Colleens house around 8 a.m.  I thanked her profusely but didn’t feel like I thanked her enough.  I was so thrilled!  After sitting in the car brainstorming for a bit we decided to go to Starbucks and use up a gift card I have.  Man, their frappachinos are really just milkshakes, but they are good.  Then we went home and watched a TV show on Netflix without the kiddos needing us.  So nice.  Such a quiet house…  Then we went out to lunch at Buster’s BBQ, using another gift card we had.  After lunch we went to block buster and rented 3 movies – “Its complicated”, “Pirate Radio” and “Sherlock Holmes”.  We considered seeing a movie in theater after lunch but decided against it since there weren’t a whole lot of movies we wanted to see. Instead we watched some more TV at home and then went to dinner out.  After dinner we went to Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  It was very good but I think I wouldn’t have paid so much for the 3D had I known better.  Don’t bother.  You aren’t missing anything. We went home, watched a movie together and went to bed.

Saturday morning we didn’t wake up until 8:30 which was rather nice.  We decided to go ahead and get up, but enjoyed taking our time.  It was nice to not have to rush or worry about anyone except ourselves.  (I did really miss my kiddos, though.)  We sat and talked for a long time and then finally made it around to eating lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  After lunch we drove out past Vancouver, WA to a historical lilac farm.  It was so beautiful and they smell so awesome!! Down the road from there was a tulip festival; we drove by there and took some pictures.  Then we planned to pick up the kids, pizza, and ice cream cake (from DQ of course!) and watch a family movie while we eat.  Everyone was fine with keeping the kids longer but I missed them and figured they missed me.  I also didn’t want the kids to wear out their welcome.  It would be nice to have a break more than once a year and the best way to do so is to keep the sitters happy.

It would be great, once we move and have a nice house with more space, to plan a group of people who take turns watching kids for each other to have a break.  EVERY parent deserves a break now and then.  When was the last time you had a job that was 24/7 without a single day off, coffee break, or other bit of peace?  So it is with parenting if you have no one to help with the kiddos.  We don’t have any family here so its not like the kids go to Grandma’s house sometimes. If we don’t find friends to help with the kids then we don’t get a break.  That is why this gift was so huge.  I really needed a break.  It was very renewing and regenerating.  Not to mention that there we so many times Presten and I were just quietly riding in the car together – we didn’t talk and neither did the kids.  So peaceful!!

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who made this weekend possible:
Colleen Stofan and family, Diana Danielson, Heather Gamotis and Marlene and Gary Kelly.   The kids had a great time with all y’all and I really, really, appreciate you helping out! It was AWESOME!  Colleen, Diana and Heather: I hope you’ll let me take your kids sometime for a break! 😀

What an awesome 27th birthday!! May the whole year be blessed by God. IJNA!

x ❤ x
Super Mom
Feelin’ even more SUPER now! 😀