Back on the wagon

Well I fell off the wagon when I got sick.  I went back to eating unhealthy food on a regular basis and now I feel as horrible as I did before the diet.  I am back up to 170 lbs – that means a 10 lb weight gain.  Before you think that perhaps it’s impossible to keep this weight off please hear me out.  I have been off the diet for almost a month and have eaten the following:

  • Several pizzas – usually half a large pizza by myself
  • nearly half a DQ ice cream sheet cake by myself
  • nearly no veggies
  • an amazingly disgusting amount of sweets
  • rarely any breakfast and certainly not 6 meals a day

So as you can see it would be tough for anyone to keep the weight off if they abused their body like that.  I wasn’t really trying to keep the weight off.  At first I was just trying to keep food down and ate almost nothing for nearly two weeks! It was terrible!  Then once I felt better my birthday was only 2 days away and I didn’t see the point in beginning my diet so close to my birthday.  I enjoyed eating out and having cake.  I suppose it was worth the 10 lbs… maybe.

The point is once I lose all the weight I intend to lose then I will take care of myself.  I wont buy a huge ice cream cake and eat nearly half of it myself.  I wont overeat.  I wont eat half a large pizza – just a slice or two.  I will watch what I eat.  I will enjoy food and even eat sweets sometimes but I wont abuse myself with food.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying good food but food can be like anything else: abused.  “Too much of a good thing” is debatable, but when it comes to something that can hurt you too much is a bad thing.  Think of alcohol, or illegal drugs – too much of those can kill you.  Food is no different.  Too much unhealthy food – fried, sweet, or fattening – will kill you!  Numerous studies have proven that true.  An obese person lives a shorter life.  You might say, “Well you have to die of something.” or “Its better to enjoy life and die young than to not have any fun.”  While you will “die of something” and perhaps even have fun obese people tend to die a slow painful death.

I don’t say these things to hurt or offend anyone.  I was facing a choice: continue eating tasty, rich foods or stop and work on my health.  Many of us face this choice but choose to ignore our health.  Why?  Is good food really worth your life?  Having a husband and kids that I love and having hope that I will eventually enjoy grandkids makes me say a resounding “NO!  Food is not worth my life or my health!”.  So despite the past week or two of stupidity that would say otherwise, I do care about my health and I do want it to improve further.

I already feel better than I did at 200 lbs.  But since I jumped off the diet I have felt horrible.  I’m sure it has to do with the poor quality of the food I have been consuming!!  I am eager to lose the rest of my weight.

Current weight: 170
Target weight: roughly 145
Amount left to lose: 25 lbs

I am aiming for a size more than a weight.  Weight is so relative and not really my relative!!  My goal is really to work off these flabby thighs and tighten my derrière!  Once my body is more firm and much less flabby I will be happy no matter what weight I am.  Frankly if I were the size and tone I wanted to be I wouldn’t care if I weighed 175 lbs!! I just don’t want to feel awful anymore or be flabby.

How I will feel when I am healthy!!
I wake up early in the morning and spring out of bed. I feel energetic, alert and excited about starting my day. As the day progresses, my energy stays constant as I run about and do my chores, take care of my kiddos and even get out in the fresh air and enjoy the day. I am physically active: I take walks, go hiking, and even occasionally mountain climb and I FEEL GREAT while I do these things. My emotional state is contented and when troubles arise I handle them with grace and peace, and when troubled I return to emotional contentedness quickly and easily.

My life is filled with fun, pleasure, sunshine, order and organization. I look around and am pleased with my actions and achievements. I feel GREAT!

Keep me and my goals in your prayers.  Thanks! 😀

X ❤ X
Super Mom