Doing pretty super, most of the time.

So here I am at a 165 lbs feeling pretty good about myself but not as good as I thought I would.  I started at 200 lbs and felt completely miserable all the time.  I am feeling much better now but when I look in the mirror I don’t feel 165.  I think part of it is that I did not replace my fat with muscle so instead of looking lean and fit I just look lean a bit flabby – mostly my legs.  So I plan to start exercising again and hopefully will tone up a bit. 🙂

So health and weight aside Life is pretty sweet.  Cassie started kindergarten (already??) and is loving it.  Meanwhile back at the castle the little princess and I are really enjoying some one-on-one time, when she’s not throwing tantrums.  Her tantrums have gotten much better though, mainly I think because not only am I with her alone more to work on it but also that Mommy’s temper has gotten better. 😛

Presten and me are taking a marriage class at church on Sunday nights.  Its a good one and we’ve both improved in important areas.  I wont say much more than that. 😉

As some might know I am now a health coach.  I’m finding it much harder to locate people who would like my help working on their health than I anticipated.  Presten is my first client and he is seeing a lot of improvement.  I have a couple of leads and I’m excited about the prospect.  I just want to help people achieve the success in their health that I have seen so many others achieve! I’ll just keep praying and searching!

Other than that life is pretty busy!  We moved across the street from the congregation we attend and are loving it – despite all the jokes. :P  We have saved a huge bundle on gas, which is good because my car is great except on gas mileage! Its nice to be involved at our congregation so much.  I am really enjoying getting to know people.  It seems like we have something going on almost every day which is both good and bad.  It does lead to late evenings and by the time we get the kids in bed we are beat and just want to relax.

The biggest thing my mind keeps coming back to is how much peace I feel this year.  As some of you are aware it is October – the saddest month of the year for me – and in past years have found it hard to make it through the month without cake, ice cream and several good movies.  This year, however, I am finding myself feeling much more at peace with the death of my sister.  Its not that I dont miss her or feel sad she left before me, but its more that I just feel at peace.  I must attribute it all to my daily bible reading – or should I say listening – because before then I did feel the ache in my heart and often found myself crying in sorrow.  Almost 3 weeks ago I realized that I was letting life happen to me, rather than taking control of my choices and living life with intention, up to and including my relationship with God — reactionally praying when I felt a need rather than reaching out to Him by choice.  One of the steps I knew were necessary to get my life back on track was daily Bible reading.  I have never read the whole Bible through and have never been an avid reader, and that needed to change.  I committed to reading one chapter of Proverbs every weekday until finished just so I could get used to reading.  I downloaded an application to my phone so it would read the Bible to me.  Every morning when I take Cassie to school I listen to the Bible in the car. It only takes about 5 minutes or less but I am learning so much! I have also noticed that I feel happier every day overall.

If you arent reading your Bible every day consider downloading an app to your smart phone if you have one.  Go to for the one I use.  Its free! 🙂 It isnt fancy but it works and I like that it can read the Bible to me when Im in the car.

Keep striving to be Super. 🙂