A New Beginning

This past weekend I spent several hours listening to Dr. Andersen, creator of Take Shape for Life (TSFL).  He is such an enthusiast for health! He said many great, motivational things and I have been churning them over in my mind.

One thing he discussed was the Law of Action vs. the Law of Transcendence.  The Law of Action states that you are where you are and who you are because of your past choices and actions.  Whereas the Law of Transcendence says that Anything and Everything can change at ANY time!  How inspiring!

99% of those who read this will be over the age of 25.  Once you are past a certain age you can no longer blame your tough situation on your parents, grandparents, friends, colleges, your boss or any other adult around you or in your past.  You are who you made yourself at this point.  Sure, circumstances happen beyond our control; however we are always in control of how we react to these circumstances.

So I am beginning again.  I have spent so much time blaming my life on my parents, my circumstance, my husbands job, my lack of “free time”.  I am so done with blame.  I put all my sour feelings and disappointments in a proverbial box and shoved it in the back of that closet – you know, the one that NEVER gets cleaned – and I am never opening it again.  Instead I choose a better life and will focus on not where I was, am, or how bad it makes me feel but instead on who and where I want to be.  I am seizing my dreams and giving my life all I’ve got.

We have one chance at the life and I don’t want to screw my chance up!  There is this great song by Switchfoot that says, “This is your life.  Are you who you want to be??”  NO!  I am not!  So what am I gonna do about that? Whine?  Cry?  Pout?  Sit in a pool of depression and invite all my friends to my pity party?? NO!  Y’all don’t wanna come to a pity party!  You want to join me in CELEBRATION!?  Which one is more fun?  A funeral with sorrow and tears?  Or a PARTY with music, laughter, dancing and joy!?  I choose the second choice.  My funeral will come when God chooses but until then I choose to live a life worth celebrating!

This is YOUR life.  Are YOU who YOU want to be??

*Love and HUGS*

One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. Don’t leave that box in the back of the closet – throw it in a burn pile and burn it w/ceremony. That way it will really be gone and you can’t accidentally open it up.


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