My Life is Like a Snow Globe

From the outside, a snow globe is pretty with lovely houses, or smiling figures inside, filled with beautiful snow or sparkles.  We grab a snow globe and what do we want to do with it? Shake it, of course!

Lately my life has felt a little shook up.  I feel like I am living in a snow globe that has been turned upside down in slow motion.  Our life has been one small trial after another, then the large difficulty of losing Presten’s father to the hands of God at the early age of 60.  It was as if our lives slowly turned up-side-down then crashed on the floor and rolled around a bit.  We aren’t quite sure where it will stop and stay!

If anyone ever told you life is easy they were wrong!

Life is never easy – neither for the sinner nor the redeemed but PRAISE GOD the life of a Christian is a life unburdened.  Nope, its still not easy! However when trials come our way – as they most definitely will – we have the luxury of asking someone else to carry those burdens for us.  The difficulty lies in letting those burdens go and shaking off the feelings the trials cause.  Feeling and extending Forgiveness, feeling unashamed, guilt-free and even confident in our forgiveness is something that can be very difficult to do.

Praise God that He is a patient and loving Father.  He never gives up on us, even when we play tug-of-war with our burdens.  “Take them God!” and we throw them at Him, only to pull them back and carry them around for a while.

So here I stand, again saying “Take it God!”, hoping that I will have the strength to fully let things go and trust Him.  I pray and pray and pray some more, “God lead us and bear our burden.”

Nothing is more important than having Faith in God.  Without faith, our baptism and possible salvation are nothing.  How can you be saved by someone you don’t believe in?  Without faith our words of “Take it away!” mean nothing because we will only hold on to it, believing He wont really bear our burdens.  Without Faith all prayers are empty words spoken to the walls. How can our prayers move our hearts let alone a mountain without faith?

Have faith.  Take heart.  Trust that God is listening, He is working and He really does know what He is doing. (This is a bit of self-reassurance of course!)

At times like this I remind myself that God is not just a friend but He is our Father.  Sometimes I do things my kids do not like.  I say “no” to requests for ice cream before bed time or another stuffed toy they don’t need from the store.  I don’t give them everything they want.  I discipline them when they deliberately do things wrong and I teach them when they make a mistake.  I continually guide my children down the path of life, never letting up on what I believe is best for them.  God is no different.  If you read the Bible there are many verses that describe God as our Father.

So I am going to trust my Father do take good care of me and direct me in the right path.

Hope your day is blessed!

Super Mom