Hi. My name is Mrs. Rogers!

I have always dreamed of being a writer.  I feel excited by the idea of a person picking up a book I wrote and it changing their life.  Its not that I want to be noticed; it is that I want to change the world one published work at a time.  I want to spread the word of God and the love of Christ with every published work – be is through a whisper or a shout.

Then I get to thinking, what do I want to write?  What would I write about?  Who would my audience be?  Well all I know for sure is I want to be Mrs. Rogers.  In my opinion Mr. Rogers was the best children’s psychologist ever!  He talked about everything from death to divorce and how it made children feel and what to do with those feelings.  He changed children’s perspectives and their lives with his make believe world and his honest and loving advice.  I want to do that!  I want to talk to children and teenagers about their tough issues, how I handled those issues or how the Bible (even if I don’t cite it) would have us handle situations.  So what age group?  Well at first I thought teenagers but then I realized that I know nothing about the teenagers of today.  I have been out of high school for 11 years!! WOW!  What do I know about teen life?  But then I think, “Well there are some elements to being a teenager that are always the same.”  Certain issues are the same for every teenager it is just how they handle it that has changed.  For example, teen sex has been an issue for at least 30 years, or longer.  The problem has just become more progressive and aggressive.

Any way!  Then I thought maybe I could write for young children since I have two and I know more clearly what runs through their mind and how they live, act and perceive the world around them.  But writing for little kids like younger than 6 sounds boring to me.  “See the cat.  The cat ran! The dog is chasing the cat. The cat runs up a tree. Meow!” The end! haha While these books are goo and important for us to read to our young children, I’m not sure how to change the lives of such young readers. Now ages 6-11 I could see writing for.  I think I am going to start there.

So I am doing this correspondence course through a college to get better at writing.  I am excited but nervous so I am setting goals – short term, interim and long term goals.  My short term goal is to publish a book that is life-changing in one way or another for whatever audience (since I’m not sure who I will write for eventually).  My interim goal is to determine my subject matter – what life-changing experience will I write about – an research my subject to better understand how to write a publishable work.  The short term goal is to determine my age group and begin researching how they communicate, what matters to them and how I would write a publishable work for them.

There.  I have set goals! YAY!  Now I must go about completing my course work while working toward fulfilling my goals.  I am excited and eager to begin.  Please pray for me as I work on my goals and try hard to be that “Mrs. Rogers” who changes the world one bit at a time.

Lots of Love ❤
Super Mom Maggie Smile