Here I am, Yet Again!!

So I often find myself having highs of happy moments where the whole world seems right and lows where I feel so down and frustrated.  I know that whether a person is bi-polar or not, everyone experiences these highs and lows. The fact of the matter is that there is always some good things going on in life and there are always some bad things going on. 


High: I have two amazing kids who I love and adore and am so grateful I have.
Low: Even so there are days that parenting them is so difficult.  It doesn’t negate my feelings for them however it does make the situation difficult and sometimes depressing.

High: I have this amazing dog, Mortimer, who I love, cherish and adore. He is my “first born” as I got him right before we found out I was pregnant with Cassie. 
Low: But he is with a “friend” who kindly took care of him while I was in the hospital.  Now I am uncertain of if I will ever see him again because she seems unwilling to give him back.

High: My husband is working for himself now, choosing what he wants to do and what he doesn’t want to do, directing his own clinic as he sees fit.
Low: Money is a bit tight as we work hard to build his business. It can lead to frustration as we deal with situations that arise where the only solution is more money! 😦

I could go on and on.  But the fact is that there is an up side and a down side to a lot of things.  But what then should we focus on??  Obviously the up side, right?  But how do we do that?? Sometimes it is so easy to see the bad side of things and forget that silver lining.

I have learned (and am doing my best to put into practice) that prayer is a powerful thing in this matter.  Case in point, we have been praying every night for our daughters and their temperament, their future, their lives and just everything about them!  Since we started, Serenity has become so much easier to handle (PRAISE GOD!!!) and has had less rough days and more good days.

As for our amazing dog Mortimer, we have prayed hard for health and healing and as I understand it he is healthier and doing better.  Now we just have to pray we get him back someday soon from our reluctant friend.

Presten’s job is going well and we have prayed every night that it will blossom and grow so that he can help people get well. As we have prayed his contacts have exploded and he has more new patients each week.  He has been asked to be a part of several events which will yield more patients he can help.

So each time I feel frustrated, concerned, afraid or aggravated about an otherwise good situation I pray about it and look desperately for that silver lining.

My mother is a professional at finding the silver lining.  She can find the silver lining about almost anything.  Raining? Well the flowers needed it.  Waiting in line? Well I needed to grow some more patience.  Had a rough day at work? Well at least I will get good sleep tonight!  I love her and am glad she has it down but I have not inherited that trait.

I find it just as hard to love difficult people as well.  When someone is frustrating to know I just want to write them off and not always nicely.  I have had to learn to be prayerful here.  Oh and to learn some TACT…  Something else I did not inherit from my mom that she has an overabundance of!

So I guess my whole point is when you cannot see the silver lining and life is tough just look up and say, “Okay, God. I cannot see it but I know it is there.” and prayerfully go forward.  I know not everything has an easy-to-see silver lining; some might even say that there are events that have no silver lining.

To that I disagree.  Well maybe there are things that do not have a silver lining but they do have a purpose.  I am a deep believer that everything has a purpose!  Maybe your dog got hit by a car because it was either your dog or that kid three blocks down that would have run out in front of the same car!

There was one day my mom could not find her keys.  We looked EVERYWHERE!! Then when we found them, in some easy to see place, she laughed and said, “Well I’m sure God had a purpose for this.” as we were very late to school. Sure enough as we pulled toward the narrow bridge on our way to school we saw a half a house driving down the bridge, barely squeezing through with no room on either side for a car.  The bridge was long and perhaps, just maybe, we could have been caught on that bridge unknowingly and been hit by a traveling house! How funny and sad would that have been? A little too “Wizard of Oz” for me! haha

Any way!!  I hope this all makes sense.  It came out of my friend seeming to say we wouldn’t be seeing our dog again.  It made me feel upset and depressed and I wanted to write about the good side of the situation and how life does really have an up side when things seem down.  So cheer up!  Whatever has got you down either has a good side or it has a purpose.  Either way, stop and pray, because God loves you and is there for you through it all.

I praise you, God, for your abundant love and ever-presence.  I thank you for all the gifts you give and I respect you for all the things you take away.  I trust you, God, to do your will, looking out for my best interest.  I know you have a plan for my life and are always doing what is best for me now and in the future.  Thank you for all the blessings that surround me. Much Love. IJNA

God bless y’all!
Super Momma Maggie