Something Beautiful

So I have been really mulling over something lately and this video lead me to post about it.  First, check out the video.

Beauty of Flowers

What do you think?

You know what this really drives home for me?  It doesnt have to be this way.

What do I mean by that?  Well think about it.  Why are there so many different types of flowers?  Not just because humans breed them over and over.  I mean before that.  At some point before people bred flowers there were still many, many different types of flowers.  Why?

Why is the grass green and the sky blue?  I mean scientifically you can give me an answer.  But couldn’t God have made the questions, “Why is the grass brown and the sky grey?”  (All the time, I mean.  Because in some regions that is true.  You get my point.)

I simply mean that God made this earth AMAZING for us.  Rainforests are my favorite invention of God’s.  They are simply beautiful!  So many beautiful sights and lovely smells.

Are you seeing the picture now?  God could have made this world mundane and boring.  We could be living in a world-wide desert with nothing but hot days and cold nights.  But instead there is a multitude of regions.

I think this simply speaks to His Love for us.  I love the song, “More” by Mathew West.  The song draws a picture of how God loves us more than the Sun that He “taught how to shine,” and more than the ocean is deep or wide.  He loved us enough to send His beloved Son to die on a cross for our sins.

That is a lot of love.

Just something to ponder.

Super Mama Maggie