The best me I can be

So often I find myself wanting to change someone else.  I find myself complaining or feeling angry, frustrated or annoyed with someone else.  I was talking to my 7.5 yr old Cassie tonight about it.  She expressed feeling this way sometimes, too concerning her 5 yr old sister.  She said sometimes she just wants to hit her as hard as she can.

Ever want to punch someone in the face?

As we talked about how I felt annoyed with my sister sometimes she asked me a good question.

Mama, if you could go back what would you change [with your sister]?

I explained that if I could go back I wouldnt try so hard to make her be one way or another or to make her like me or want me to be her friend.  I would just be the best me.

I told Cassie that really in life all I can do is be my best me.  I can be who I know I should be and then others can either reciprocate (a big word that I did not use with her) or they can just be jerks.  But if I am my best me then I know how they are is not because of me.

I may not always be my best me, but when I know I am not I work to express my apologies and move on.

May I always be my best me and lead my kiddos to be their best.

Good night.