Making October beautiful – Life RE-Defined


Don’t worry.  I’m not that pea-cocky.  LOL!! 😀

Okay so I was going to start on October first.  I am going to call this the first of October since I am up at 2 am and cannot sleep. 😛

I am starting a blog series called “re-defined.”  It is based on a “blog daily for 31 days of November” — in honor of the month of November being National Novel Writing Month.  I know this isn’t November but I wanted to do it in October since October usually stinks for me.

So this is my first blog.  It is considered for the first of October.  I will hopefully post again today to count for the second of October.

Please check back often!  I am at my parents so who knows how often I will get to blog but my GOAL is the blog DAILY except for weekends.  I will not blog on Saturday and Sunday — resting days. 😉

What does re-defined mean?  Well we all probably know what that word means in life but here is what it means in relation to this current blogging theme:  I am going to look at words in a completely new way!  Words I am considering are as follows: perfect, faith, Love, hypocrite and many more.  Please leave comments on my blog or on Facebook if there is a word you want me to look at “re-defining.”  I may not take all suggestions and blog about them but I will consider them. 🙂


I’m no Einstein but this should be good. 😉

Thank you for reading and God bless you and yours!! 😀

~Super Mama Maggie