The Last Time…

Last moments are a bitter-sweet thought. The last time your child asks you to rub their back or the last time they ask you to cuddle. These moments are special, for sure, but they are a fork in the road…

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I have read a similar post before about the “last time.” That last time that your child asks you for those intimate times as a small child.  Things like, “Will you play with me?” (usually on the floor), or “Can I cuddle with you?”  Those moments where they get out of bed and run to your room because of a bad dream.  It is in those moments that, for me and my children, intimacy is built.  I get a chance to see through their eyes — to see the world as they see it.  When I play with my daughters I get to watch how they believe the world really is.  If you have ever played dolls with a little girl you will know what I mean.


These “last” moments are a bitter-sweet thought.  They are growing up in the Lord and I am teaching them how to be successful and healthy adults.  So these moments where they ask for the last time may signify that they are just growing up.  Or they may show that I am not putting enough into our relationship.  I know my oldest stopped asking me to do her hair because I would say, “I think I can,” as I sometimes do, only to not wake up early enough before school to do so.  She stopped asking because I wasn’t delivering.  I only found this all out one day when she exclaimed that I never do her hair because I never wake up early enough.  She sounded disappointed and upset at the situation.  I felt bad and realized that it was I who had let that fall behind.

As those moments come and go where they stop asking, I have an opportunity.  As mentioned in the post I shared, I can let those moments go and wish they would return, or I can seek out new ways of becoming a part of their lives.  I think this fork in the road determines much of the future.  I know in my personal life my mother and I did not always have a close relationship until I was an adult.  It was then that we both found a way back to each other.  I believe, if we are not careful, we can and allow our children to become distant and lose that intimate part of the relationship — that part that says, “Can I cuddle with you?” or “Will you play with me?”

But all hope is not lost if those moments slip away; sometimes without us recognizing that in our bustle and hustle of life we have allowed them to pass us by.  My mother and I are now best friends.  She said she considers me her very best friend, which is an honor I am grateful for.  So to those parents (Dad’s have these moments, too) who have lost that time be it naturally or due to busyness remember this:  it is NEVER too late to cultivate relationship with your child.

May God bless you this day and every day!

Super Mama