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March 9, 2010

Day Five: Temptations abound!

So Tuesday is my hardest day!!  I have Ladies Bible Class in the morning (which I really enjoy) then Cassie has class after lunch so we […]
March 8, 2010

Day Four: 863 Calories yet satisfied

I only ate 863 calories today yet not once did I feel hungry or underfed.  Dinner was very satisfying.  And I was so proud of myself […]
March 8, 2010

Day Three (again): That is yesterday…

Well yesterday was so busy that I didnt get to blog about it.  I felt pretty good, though pretty tired.  We didnt go to bed until […]
March 6, 2010

Day Two-ish: Goodbye fat!

Skinny pants here I come!! In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the end I am too skinny for my “skinny pants”! I weighed in […]
March 5, 2010

Day One: Starting Over!

So since I screwed up so badly the last several days I am essentially starting over with my diet, with today being day one.  I wont […]
March 4, 2010

Doctor Overview: Essentially a failure…

I wrote my doctor and health coach who wrote me back and said, basically, that I was doing a lot of stuff wrong or not as […]
March 3, 2010


Have you ever really wanted something deep within you?  Not the impulsive “I want this” we often feel randomly and suddenly.  No that deep sense of […]
March 1, 2010

Day three: from tired to energized!

Well today was GREAT.  I began the day feeling exhausted and grumpy but realized I hadn’t drank any water.  After drinking four or five glasses I […]
March 1, 2010

Day two (yesterday that is)

I didnt get around to posting yesterday.  Sundays are so busy and I had a tough time.  Its really hitting me – missing the sugar that […]