Life is Worth Living

Many songs have meaning to me and make a big difference in my life. Music speaks in a way that words cannot.  This song below holds a special meaning because I found it when my brother, Dennis Mann, died tragically, suddenly and unexpectedly.

This song brought me hope. In fact, most of the songs I will share with you have brought me hope in a time of trouble or trials, etc.

Below are the lyrics.

Life is worth living lyrics:

Life can be so hard sometimes
You feel like giving up
You have to know He’s on your side
And never letting up

What the devil meant for evil
God meant for good
To make a way like he said he would.

Oh Life is Worth Living
Because I’m still living Oh
Life is worth living
Because I’m Still Living

Things we may not understand
Why am I so alone?
But He has a master plan
That we would never know

Wont put more than you can bear
Just to show you that He cares.

Oh Life is worth living
Because Im still living
Oh Life is worth Living

You move mountains with your hands
I’m under your command
You break chains from our souls
Only you can make us whole

You make life worth living yeah yeah
Oh you make life worth living.

Life is worth living
Because I’m still living.

(A few repeated parts left out, but that is the basis of the song.)