Food Lies

You cannot see a movie without popcorn… and a drink… and CANDY! Especially, if you are under the age of 99, must have candy! But what if food lies?

You cannot see a movie without popcorn… and a drink… and CANDY! Especially, if you are under the age of 99, must have candy!


Oh! And when you are out, make sure you notice that “HOT FRESH” sign at the Krispy Kreme Donut shop, and you must pick some up (and eat at least half a dozen while they are still hot and fresh)! Perhaps afterward, grab a quick bite at your favorite fast-food (or should I say fat-food) restaurant — with a soda of course!

Food is everywhere and one must have it with everyone it seems. When I go to a get-together it seems we must surround ourselves with food (or at least a somewhat overpriced hot beverage). Why must food be involved with my social life?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am the only one who feels like my life revolves around food, but I doubt I am alone. When I am almost finished eating a meal, I find myself thinking about the next meal. What will I eat? Where will I find this delicious food? What type of food do I want anyway? Mexican? Asian? American? Home cooked or eat out? So many choices and rarely do I make the best ones. I often find myself sitting in front of something I will regret eating later.

The hardest part of it all is


I actually think “love” is the right word there. No, I would not equate my love for food with my love for God or my family, but I might say, “I love food as much as I love my dog.” And I really love my dog!

Why is this that my taste buds rule my life? Why? Am I a victim of my taste buds? Do I cause my taste buds to control me? Or do I allow them to control me? Obviously, I allow it, but it makes me a victim of my harsh reality that food rules my life. Thinking about food, then eating food, then thinking about more food… it is a never-ending, viscous cycle of food and it has made me fat!

I admit, my choices have caused my body to be overweight. I know you wouldn’t believe me if I told you my secret, but it’s true. I am 100 lbs overweight. People hear me when I say that, but when they look at me, they don’t believe me. In the spring of 2010, when I was 27, I weighed 155 lbs and felt amazing. I could hike miles and miles without trouble. I could climb what I would call mountains (to a Texan anyway) but they were just really, really big hills and it was tough, but I did it. I did an event called Wild Canyon Games and it was a totally awesome experience!! We didn’t win *grumble grumble* but I had fun and I COULD TOTALLY DO IT! Now? I will be transparent. I weigh 260 lbs, feel miserable, and do not like what I see in the mirror.

The fact is that food lies! Food tells us it is yummy, edible and worth eating, no matter what we are considering. Our own taste buds and brains lie to us. After I eat more than enough food I still feel “hungry” for more. I have learned my taste buds and brain love food as much as I do and they are more than willing to keep eating more and more! Eating food makes us feel good. I think the worst part of food is what we eat will possibly love us forever, and ever, and ever by sticking to our hips, our waist, our gut, and anywhere else the fat and food desire to stick!

I should perhaps have said this sooner but I would like to say it now. Being “fluffy,” “chunky,” or whatever you wish to call it can be fine if you feel comfortable with your body. Some people come to peace with the way they are shaped, built, or sized. But I know me. I know my body’s abilities and once you know what you are capable of, is it easy to live with what you have become?

Now that I know I can hike, climb, and run fast, far and have a lot of fun doing all those things, I want it all back! I miss that life. I miss that me. And the only difference between she and me is that she ate healthy. No popcorn or soda or candy at movies. No hot fresh donuts. No junk!


That may sound like hell to you – going without the foods you enjoy. But for me, I choose health and wellness (and therefore small boobs – yeah I said it!) over food! I CHOOSE the me I want to be!

May you ever choose wisely and flick that demon off the one shoulder while listening to the so-called angel on the other! Live smart.

Be blessed!

Maggie A. ‘Spoon

Standing on the Side Lines

I found myself standing on the side-lines. I had spent so much time and hard work losing weight — out on the field working my butt off (literally). I had friends and loved ones cheering me on.  I lost 45 lbs in a short period of time (I don’t remember how long it took me); it was an amazing feat for me.

But then time went by and LIFE HAPPENED! BOOM! CRASH! BANG! and… Whoops… I found myself on the side-lines, not cheering others on, but stress eating, a habit which I thought I had broken.  I found myself gaining weight again — something I can TEACH others how NOT to do! I KNOW how to keep weight off!  So why did I get up to 220 lbs — the biggest I had ever been? Because I let life kick me to the side-lines. I let life take me over.  I allowed myself to get knocked down and I didn’t pick myself back up… for a long time.

It was 2010 that I weighed 165 lbs. I felt so good about myself. Not because I felt small but because I had done something I felt was impossible for me.  I had lost the weight that I did not like about myself.  I finally liked who I saw in the mirror.

Now here I am again, on the field, working hard, playing hard and BACK ON MY FEET! I will not let life knock me down this time. I stand tall, feeling encouraged (by my husband especially). My strong desire to do more with my life pushes me forward! I want to mountain climb first of all. Yes I do! I want to hike… often. I want to run and run and not feel like I am going to pass out — or worse, feel like everything is jiggling like a bowl of jello!! (It is embarrassing!)

I started at 220 about eight months ago.  This is my story.  (Yes it is a bit long-winded.)

***Disclaimer:  Everyone’s body is different and some people are perfectly happy with voluptuous bodies.  Wherever you are in your journey with your body is your personal story.  This is my story.  I am not intending to put down anyone else who happens to weigh 220 lbs and be 5′ 9″ like I did.  If you like you then GREAT.  I was dissatisfied with what I saw in my mirror.  Plus everyone carries weight differently.  One woman can weight 220 and believe that she carries  it in all the “right places” so to speak, while another woman carries it in all the areas she wishes she could shrink.  I was the latter.  And I am working on being healthy.***

I was always an emotional eater.  Comfort food is defined for me as every meal I sit down to eat — I need comfort daily!  I have also been a stress eater.  Ice cream gets to me — then it sticks to me!  I cannot keep any more around than I am willing to eat in one sitting.  Praise God for those new tiny ice creams that are itty-bitty.  I also struggle with eating too much.  Who doesnt, right?  It is challenging to stop myself when the food tastes so good!!!  I just want more and more and more and more and then I get on the scale and I want to jump off and throw it away!  I like to eat but I hate to feel…. so… big.  It is really just where I carry my weight.  All my weight is on my butt and my thighs.  They used to be called “thunder thighs” (probably because they make noise when I run).  Gross.  TMI maybe…

I don’t mean to be degregating about my body.  There are things I love about it.  I love my eyes.  I love my hair.  I love my lips.  I generally love my face overall.  I love my waist.  I have a little waist no matter how big my rear end gets.  I just want to be smaller.  But I digress…

Where was I?  I am in the field. Right…  I started again.  I did the same program — Take Shape for LIFE — because it worked  for me before!  I lost 45 lbs last time and would have lost it faster if I hadn’t “cheated.”  That is was the problem when I recently when on my program.  I kept running to the side-lines not for a drink of water like I should but for like… oh say a bit too much cheese.  Cheese is all fine and good but too much of it will keep you from losing weight.  I felt like I couldn’t stop cheating.  A bit of cheese here, too much high-fat dressing there… I mean there are a lot of little ways to go “off program.”  It throws a kink in the works and then the weight doesn’t come off quickly (like 2-5 lbs a week vs 1 – 2 lbs a week).  I wanted to lose it as fast as I can while still being healthy.

Well I DID IT!  I lost 30 lbs in 8 months.  It felt like forever and yes it took longer than 2 – 5 lbs a week.  I lost about 1 lb a week on adverage.  That is because I cheated a LOT.  This program works so well and I felt like a bit of a failure because it took me so long to lose the weight.  But I did lose it…. so that is really what matters.  I feel encouraged when I look in the mirror.

But I am not finished yet.  Now to KEEP IT OFF!!  I am walking at least 3 times a week.  I want to get to where I can run but I do still have a bit of thunder thighs.

Apologies if this bores you.  I just felt compelled to share why I have been on such a great program for so long 30 lbs.  This program can help you lose 2 – 5 lbs a week.  That is 8 to 20 lbs a month.  I aim to be on the 20 lbs a month range but I’ve only lost 10 lbs a month or less.  I feel like I want to be some poster child for this program but I can’t be if I cannot stop eating unhealthy.

So today I say STOP!  It is okay to eat unhealthy high-fat foods occasionally.  It is the habits — what I do all the time — that makes up my health.  It adds up.  One of the points of this program is to train yourself to have Healthier Habits for LIFE.  The goal of this program that I am on (and I teach) is to retrain your mind and body so that when the weight comes off you can keep it off foreverThat is the biggest problem of any “diet” out there…. Almost ALL of them can help you lose the weight.  Some may help you keep it off for a while, but not without cutting certain foods out forever.  This program teaches you how to eat what you want, in moderation, so the weight never comes back.  And when I say in moderation some of you are like, “yeah, okay.  So one bite of ice cream…”  No, not just one bite but also not the whole pint like you might be doing now!!

So I am working on healthy habits.  Walking, for example.  Then I will work on running.  Studies show that a person ages faster and has a generally lower quality of life when they are sedentary.  It’s challenging because I have a sedentary job.  I work at a desk most of my day.  But my snacks are healthy so that helps.  I do get up and move as often as I can.  But my real goal is to move more when I am not at work.  Oh and dancing is a GREAT way to lose weight or keep weight off.  It burns a lot of calories and is FUN! 😀

Anyways… I just wanted to share my story.  People have been noticing my weight loss and now that I am in more of a maintenance mode I wanted to share how I got here.  I do still want to tone my legs and rear, but that comes with harder work.  I could have continued the weight-loss portion of the program and lost more weight but Presten is getting rotund and its time for him to lose his weight.  So I transitioned into maintenance and here I am: 180ish lbs (I fluctuate), down from 220.  YAY! 😀

I do hold myself up to high standards.  There is another blog post for me…. Standards.  Keep your eyes open for that one coming up in my Re-Defined theme.

Keep pressing on.

Super Mama

Life Style Changes to Create Long-term Health

Many have heard that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is true.  Not only does it jump start my metabolism, but it also sets the stage for healthy blood sugar levels all day – as long as sugary breakfast foods are avoided of course!

Exercise Regularly
There are two forms of exercise.  Generally people think of the first form: scheduled work out sessions on a regular basis (either anaerobic or aerobic exercise).  While it is important to work up to frequently scheduled workout sessions, there is another important form of exercise: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT.  NEAT is made up of all the movements your body makes outside of planned exercise.  This is movements such as walking, talking, toe tapping, guitar playing, dancing, singing, shopping, gum chewing, fidgeting and pretty much any movement not specifically intended to improve fitness.  One way to add exercise to our lives without jumping into the gym is by increasing our NEAT points. 
There are many easy ways to do this.

  • Have an elevator you frequent?  Try taking the stairs instead, at least for floor or two.
  • Usually look for the perfect parking spot right near the front door?  Park farther away from the entrance and work towards parking “way out there”.
  • Do you have a seated job? Perhaps stand up occasionally to work, or pace your work space while you work.  A good headset can enable you to move while you talk on the phone.
  • Think of some other ways you could improve your daily movement and prevent your day from being most sedentary.  A lack of movement is a perfect environment for obesity!

Consider if you have weight to lose and work specifically on weight loss before beginning a rigorous exercise plan.

Research shows that people who begin a weight loss plan without support are more likely to either quit their weight loss program or regain the weight quickly.  Have you ever tried to start walking consistently and found yourself forgetting or lacking motivation?  Perhaps you then asked a friend to be your walking partner, asking them to remind and encourage you to walk and you would do the same for them. It is likely you then found it much easier to walk consistently.  This is precisely what I am referring to.  Without support it is difficult for most people to stick with a weight loss plan and even more importantly avoid regaining weight.  It is vital to have friends and family who actively support your health goals.  If you find yourself frustrated by a particular friend or family member who is unsupportive, address the issue with them and explain your plan and purpose for your health changes.  Most of the time our friends and family love us and just want what is best for us and discussing it will solve the support issue.

Find at least one partner who you tag as your support buddy and fully explain your intentions, reasons and plans with them and ask them to hold you accountable.  Knowing that someone is going to ask, “are you making wise choices” can make a big difference in the choices you make.

Low-fat snacks every three hours
It is common for Americans to eat three large meals a day, likely far apart from each other and filled with over-sized portions and unhealthy foods.  I found that, before my health changes, not only was I overeating but I was also making very poor choices on a regular basis.  So overeating unhealthy foods!

Change not only what you eat, but also how much and how often.  Research shows that eating several smaller “meals” a day is much healthier.  Make certain these meals include healthy choices such as carrot sticks, celery, or yogurt.  I have many healthy snack ideas if you are interested.

It is best to eat 2 1/2 to three hours apart.  This sounds like a lot but consider that most of these “meals” are more like snacks rather than a huge meal you cook.  It is still important to consume three larger meals a day but not the traditional definition of large.

Individual Plan
It is important to formulate your health goals around your activities and life-style.  Get a notebook and every evening jot down what you did that day.  Do this every day for at least a week and then look back at where you had dead spaces – gaps of time you were doing little or nothing – or wasted time, time where you did something that could be replaced with something more constructive.  A “soccer mom” for example who is very busy would use this to determine when she can fit in an exercise plan.

Take the same or a different note book and keep track of every morsel of food you put in your mouth for at least a week.  Some people are heavy snackers.  A cookie here and a handful of chips there adds up to a heaping dose of bad calories and eventually an unhealthy, overweight body.  Keeping a food journal will help you determine the poor health habits you need to eliminate.

It is essential to monitor  your weight and health to insure you are on a path to long-term health.  Without looking at the signs on the road how can you be certain you are still going the correct direction?

Set up a regular schedule for weighing a measuring your body.  Women tend to fluctuate more in inches rather than pounds and it is important to keep track of that fluctuation.

A good pair of “skinny jeans” is a great way to tell if you are gaining or losing weight.  Notice how tight or loose your clothes are.  If you find your clothes getting too tight perhaps you need to check the other areas I’ve mentioned to determine why your clothes are tight, rather than replacing your clothes! 😀

In Conclusion
It is extremely important to live a life conscious of my health.  Ignore it and it will go away!  Changing things in these areas is certain to improve your health!

All information taken from Dr. A’s Habits of Health by Dr. Wayne Andersen

Being healthy IS NOT a number game.

Being healthy does not require your scale to have a certain number on it.  Otherwise it could be said that if all males were 185 lbs and all females were 135 lbs they are perfectly healthy.  HEALTH has little to do with your weight.  It does, however, somewhat have to do with how much fat you have verses how much muscle mass you have.  Your weight is merely a guideline of how much fat you do or do not have. 

But once you are the “proper weight” and have the best possible muscles to fat ratio are you then healthy? Possibly not.  Being healthy is not just about how much fat you have, either.  I have known unhealthy lean people who you might look at and say they don’t have a pound to loose and you would, in fact, be correct.  This is because your health is much like many other things in life: it is a complete compilation of many factors. 

The factors that most strongly affect your health include:

  • How much water you drink (that is WATER, not liquid!)
  • How much and how often you move your body (not just exercise but literally MOVE IT!)
  • What foods you eat on a regular basis and the amount of NUTRITION therein (Let’s face it; it is not healthy to eat chocolate cake and drink soda for every meal every day!)
  • How much rest you get on a regular basis (Nope. Those 4 hours of sleep were NOT enough!)
  • The quality of air you breathe
  • The quality of your thought processes

Now that last one may have you going “huh”!?  Haven’t you ever known someone who was negative and they pulled you down?  When I worked at Wal-mart there was this lady who was always in a funk.  No matter how happy I was when I went to work she would inevitably bring me down.  Try as I may to remain positive, her negative attitude was no good for me and frequently got the best of me in the end.  Your thoughts are no different.  If your thoughts are negative – focusing on the glass being half-empty instead of half-full, for example – then they will inevitably bring you down.  God says it better in Philippians 4:4-9 (my personal favorite verse):

4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

So according to that if we let our anxiety go, give it to God in prayer and think happy thoughts then we will have peace.

So my whole scatter-brained point is this: Health cannot be judged by the number on the scale or how lean your body may appear to be.  We must work on our whole-body health – mind included – before we can honestly claim to be completely healthy.

May God bless your health endeavors.  Let me know if I can help! Smile

X ❤ X

Super Mom

Doing pretty super, most of the time.

So here I am at a 165 lbs feeling pretty good about myself but not as good as I thought I would.  I started at 200 lbs and felt completely miserable all the time.  I am feeling much better now but when I look in the mirror I don’t feel 165.  I think part of it is that I did not replace my fat with muscle so instead of looking lean and fit I just look lean a bit flabby – mostly my legs.  So I plan to start exercising again and hopefully will tone up a bit. 🙂

So health and weight aside Life is pretty sweet.  Cassie started kindergarten (already??) and is loving it.  Meanwhile back at the castle the little princess and I are really enjoying some one-on-one time, when she’s not throwing tantrums.  Her tantrums have gotten much better though, mainly I think because not only am I with her alone more to work on it but also that Mommy’s temper has gotten better. 😛

Presten and me are taking a marriage class at church on Sunday nights.  Its a good one and we’ve both improved in important areas.  I wont say much more than that. 😉

As some might know I am now a health coach.  I’m finding it much harder to locate people who would like my help working on their health than I anticipated.  Presten is my first client and he is seeing a lot of improvement.  I have a couple of leads and I’m excited about the prospect.  I just want to help people achieve the success in their health that I have seen so many others achieve! I’ll just keep praying and searching!

Other than that life is pretty busy!  We moved across the street from the congregation we attend and are loving it – despite all the jokes. :P  We have saved a huge bundle on gas, which is good because my car is great except on gas mileage! Its nice to be involved at our congregation so much.  I am really enjoying getting to know people.  It seems like we have something going on almost every day which is both good and bad.  It does lead to late evenings and by the time we get the kids in bed we are beat and just want to relax.

The biggest thing my mind keeps coming back to is how much peace I feel this year.  As some of you are aware it is October – the saddest month of the year for me – and in past years have found it hard to make it through the month without cake, ice cream and several good movies.  This year, however, I am finding myself feeling much more at peace with the death of my sister.  Its not that I dont miss her or feel sad she left before me, but its more that I just feel at peace.  I must attribute it all to my daily bible reading – or should I say listening – because before then I did feel the ache in my heart and often found myself crying in sorrow.  Almost 3 weeks ago I realized that I was letting life happen to me, rather than taking control of my choices and living life with intention, up to and including my relationship with God — reactionally praying when I felt a need rather than reaching out to Him by choice.  One of the steps I knew were necessary to get my life back on track was daily Bible reading.  I have never read the whole Bible through and have never been an avid reader, and that needed to change.  I committed to reading one chapter of Proverbs every weekday until finished just so I could get used to reading.  I downloaded an application to my phone so it would read the Bible to me.  Every morning when I take Cassie to school I listen to the Bible in the car. It only takes about 5 minutes or less but I am learning so much! I have also noticed that I feel happier every day overall.

If you arent reading your Bible every day consider downloading an app to your smart phone if you have one.  Go to for the one I use.  Its free! 🙂 It isnt fancy but it works and I like that it can read the Bible to me when Im in the car.

Keep striving to be Super. 🙂

Back on the wagon

Well I fell off the wagon when I got sick.  I went back to eating unhealthy food on a regular basis and now I feel as horrible as I did before the diet.  I am back up to 170 lbs – that means a 10 lb weight gain.  Before you think that perhaps it’s impossible to keep this weight off please hear me out.  I have been off the diet for almost a month and have eaten the following:

  • Several pizzas – usually half a large pizza by myself
  • nearly half a DQ ice cream sheet cake by myself
  • nearly no veggies
  • an amazingly disgusting amount of sweets
  • rarely any breakfast and certainly not 6 meals a day

So as you can see it would be tough for anyone to keep the weight off if they abused their body like that.  I wasn’t really trying to keep the weight off.  At first I was just trying to keep food down and ate almost nothing for nearly two weeks! It was terrible!  Then once I felt better my birthday was only 2 days away and I didn’t see the point in beginning my diet so close to my birthday.  I enjoyed eating out and having cake.  I suppose it was worth the 10 lbs… maybe.

The point is once I lose all the weight I intend to lose then I will take care of myself.  I wont buy a huge ice cream cake and eat nearly half of it myself.  I wont overeat.  I wont eat half a large pizza – just a slice or two.  I will watch what I eat.  I will enjoy food and even eat sweets sometimes but I wont abuse myself with food.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying good food but food can be like anything else: abused.  “Too much of a good thing” is debatable, but when it comes to something that can hurt you too much is a bad thing.  Think of alcohol, or illegal drugs – too much of those can kill you.  Food is no different.  Too much unhealthy food – fried, sweet, or fattening – will kill you!  Numerous studies have proven that true.  An obese person lives a shorter life.  You might say, “Well you have to die of something.” or “Its better to enjoy life and die young than to not have any fun.”  While you will “die of something” and perhaps even have fun obese people tend to die a slow painful death.

I don’t say these things to hurt or offend anyone.  I was facing a choice: continue eating tasty, rich foods or stop and work on my health.  Many of us face this choice but choose to ignore our health.  Why?  Is good food really worth your life?  Having a husband and kids that I love and having hope that I will eventually enjoy grandkids makes me say a resounding “NO!  Food is not worth my life or my health!”.  So despite the past week or two of stupidity that would say otherwise, I do care about my health and I do want it to improve further.

I already feel better than I did at 200 lbs.  But since I jumped off the diet I have felt horrible.  I’m sure it has to do with the poor quality of the food I have been consuming!!  I am eager to lose the rest of my weight.

Current weight: 170
Target weight: roughly 145
Amount left to lose: 25 lbs

I am aiming for a size more than a weight.  Weight is so relative and not really my relative!!  My goal is really to work off these flabby thighs and tighten my derrière!  Once my body is more firm and much less flabby I will be happy no matter what weight I am.  Frankly if I were the size and tone I wanted to be I wouldn’t care if I weighed 175 lbs!! I just don’t want to feel awful anymore or be flabby.

How I will feel when I am healthy!!
I wake up early in the morning and spring out of bed. I feel energetic, alert and excited about starting my day. As the day progresses, my energy stays constant as I run about and do my chores, take care of my kiddos and even get out in the fresh air and enjoy the day. I am physically active: I take walks, go hiking, and even occasionally mountain climb and I FEEL GREAT while I do these things. My emotional state is contented and when troubles arise I handle them with grace and peace, and when troubled I return to emotional contentedness quickly and easily.

My life is filled with fun, pleasure, sunshine, order and organization. I look around and am pleased with my actions and achievements. I feel GREAT!

Keep me and my goals in your prayers.  Thanks! 😀

X ❤ X
Super Mom

Good bye Lane Bryant!!

…Your clothes may be pretty but now Im too skinny to wear them!! WOO HOO!!

I’m doing GREAT! I have found that even with great goals it is often hard to resist temptation. I have stopped buying goldfish crackers for my kids because I simply could NOT resist them. The smell alone was too much!! It doesn’t help that I am the Mommy who cooks for the whole family so I have to prepare foods that I cannot eat. We cannot afford for the whole family to eat the meat and veggies I have been fixing for myself at dinner. So that leaves the family eating mac and cheese, pasta with sauce, chili, and various soups – all of which are pretty cheap to fix but ever so tantalizing to me. All things considered I have done quite well, if I do say so myself. I had lost 35 lbs – down to 165 – the smallest I have been in 6 years or more. I recently started exercising and when I weighed yesterday I was back up to 170 which makes me wonder if my muscles are “growing” and making me weigh more. My measurements last Saturday were very encouraging. We had to take a couple of them twice just to be sure the number was right because it was so surprising!! I am down several pant sizes and {TMI warning} my panties no longer cut into my legs!

Rather than rewarding me with food, Presten gave me $60 to spend on myself and I went out and bought $40 worth of clothes at Goodwill (that way when I grow out of them it wont be a big deal to pass them on). I bought two new pairs of jeans, several shirts and a lovely flowing black skirt. I was very excited. I am reserving the rest of the money for later when I feel the need to cheat. Instead of cheating by buying ‘evil’ food I will reward myself with something good and non-food. That has been very effective and helpful for me.

So I was up to a size 18/20 pants BEFORE the diet – weighing in at 200 lbs. When I went to Goodwill I was able to buy a size 12 jeans!! How awesome is that!?!?! I was also able to buy smaller shirts. Soon I will whip out the “skinny clothes” I have in storage, but I want to make certain I have lost enough so that I don’t get them out and end up depressed.

My tangible goal is to get small enough to fit into my favorite skinny jeans; they are a size 11 junior. I can pull them up now but am still too fat to even try to button them. When I was 17 I got into a horrible wreck (as some of you may remember) and they are identical to the jeans I was wearing when they cut my clothes off and discarded them. I suppose that’s why they mean so much to me. I was thrilled to find another pair of them weeks later at Wal-Mart.

This diet has been hard. The hardest part being the things mentioned above as well as dealing with stress. I am an emotional roller coaster. When I feel stressed or depressed or anxious I EAT or drink. It has been SO HARD not being able to eat CHOCOLATE when I feel stressed or occasionally make myself a daiquiri in the evening after a long, hard day of parenting fussy kids. But since I started exercise I have found that those high-stress days are fewer and fewer. I think the main reason they felt so stressful is because of my health. When my health is compromised, it is easier to feel stressed, depressed or anxious.

The blood sugar thing seems to be under control mostly. Occasionally I will have a rough day where I feel nauseous and/or dizzy but I find it coincides with drinking too little water. I have managed to drink 8 glasses or more every single day of the diet, but often I don’t get around to the last 6 glasses until after 6 p.m., which means my body is thirsty all day until then. Those days are hard and are unfortunately frequent. I am out a lot on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and I find on those days it is hard to drink while I’m out, even if I take water with me.

I have finally cut out all sodas. When the diet began I switched to Diet Pepsi, but after having dinner with Heather and Wayne I have switched to Crystal light (I never knew how good it was!).

Praise God for exercise and how good its made me feel.  God help me to continue doing well on this diet.

On a different note Presten FINALLY got his raise – hallelujah!! :D  God is good, even when life is not.

x ❤ x

Weigh in day! YAY ME!!

I weighed in today at 165 lbs – that is the lightest I have been since I married Presten nearly 6 years ago.  In addition, I have lost more inches all over.  I never did get to exercise yesterday or today and both nights (thursday night and friday night) I did not sleep well.  I was up until 4 a.m. this morning unable to sleep.  Perhaps I should work on finishing one of my books when I cant sleep??

So I am thrilled but not yet done.  I want to work on toning my muscles in my flabby areas.  Once I have completed that task I will be satisfied.

I tell you, though, since I started this diet I have noticed overweight women more.  Every time I see a woman waddling because she is so overweight I want to run over to her and give her a card.  I just know how it feel to be unsatisfied with your body and feel trapped.  I have known so many overweight women that wish they had a quick and easy way to get healthy and skinny.  I just say a prayer that God answers that wish when it is there.

Thanks for all the encouragement.

X ❤ X

Hey! How’s that diet going??

So I have now been on this meal plan/diet for almost 2 months.  I expected that by now I would be at my target weight; however I am not.  I am not working toward a weight as much as I am working toward health.  Really I am working on myself until my thighs, upper arms, and abs are so toned that they have more muscle than fat.  I realize that this transition may make me weigh more because muscle weighs more than fat.

So I am trying my best to eat what I should, when I should and have now begun to exercise.  I love to exercise!!  I am really looking forward to exercising at nap time today!! 😀

So far I have lost 30 lbs and have not lost any more weight in 2 weeks but I have lost inches here and there.  I am down a couple pant sizes and I have finally lost most of my “mommy belly”.  I am thrilled.  I haven’t dug out my “skinny clothes” yet because I want to wait until I know I will fit into some of them.  How depressing to work on this diet and then not yet fit; so I am just being patient.

Keep me in your prayers.  This has been a rough trip but already my body is much healthier than it was.  At my last check-up the doctor said my gallbladder is doing great and so is my liver.  Very good!  I feel much better most of the time.  I would feel even better if I could make myself go to bed earlier.  I am just addicted to the quiet house after the kids go to bed.

I would recommend this meal plan to almost anyone.  It has been very good for me.

Thanks for the encouragement.  Now its time for me to go exercise!! 😀 YAY! 🙂

x ❤ x

Thank you, my friend.

I would like to express my thanks to all those who noticed my weight loss.  This diet has been hard work.  I never imagined how hard it could be to RESIST sweet foods.   Mann-O-Mann!!  It sure was difficult.

I’m not finished yet. My primary goal now is to begin exercising.  This old fat on my hind quarters is not coming off easily.  So soon I will begin dancing the fat away!  I have these awesome aerobic dance videos.  I refresh my dancing and I burn a ton of weight away.  Plus the package includes a fitness video with 30 minute segments separated into body parts.  So I can do the “thigh” segment on day and the “abs” segment another day.  I figure if I work my thighs on Monday, my abs on Wednesday and dance on Friday, taking a break on Tuesday and Thursday, then I should have all the rest of my fat gone in no time.

So thank you all so very much for your encouragement.  I know not everyone has been on board with my diet, and many have expressed concern for me.  Still, I appreciate all the love I have gotten from so many lovely ladies.  It feels so good to hear someone day, “Wow you look good!”.  I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a week and she said I looked great and it made my day.  In fact several people said I look great.

So thank you.  I need encouragement.  Im not done yet, though not far to go.