101…Just a little slow.

I am still around just moving slow…

This marks my 101st blog post since I began.

I am here, just a little slow! I am doing better since the loss of  my bother — I have good days and bad. But I wanted to let you know how I am doing and that I am still here and planning to blog as much as I am able. I am in NC with Wren and my parents (Cassie, my oldest, visited my parents earlier in the summer by herself). It is some good down-time and I am enjoying spending time with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places.

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. Life has been crazy busy – as I know many lives are. But, hey, if I can find time for Facebook, I can find time to blog instead. I enjoy blogging – sharing my life with others and hopefully helping someone. I have had some good verbal comments that are very appreciated. So, I will keep blogging on to help at least one.


I’ve blogged about this before but let me summarize:  I took out the try because I feel like everyone CAN make SOME kind of difference in someone else’s life, and we should all try our best to be our best self. I cannot be any better than my best. But truly, if I am honest with myself I am never perfect and, therefore, there is always more to squeeze out of me. It takes commitment, effort, dedication, devotion, and self-discipline.

This means I can push myself past what I comfortably feel is my best and find more within myself than I thought I had. Just something to ponder.

Well anyhow… I intend to blog while I am in NC but we will see. I have Dennis’s memorial to attend on the weekend of August the 5th so if you are a praying person, please keep me in your prayers.

May you be blessed today and always!

Maggie A. ‘Spoon

Hello Again!!

I am still here! Just uber busy. But I will make time for you again soon!

I know I don’t blog much… and maybe you are starting to wonder if I fell off the face of the earth. But here I am!!


Life is hectic for everyone — well maybe not couch potatoes — but it is for me!!

I have decided to homeschool my children and SURPRISE I am pulling them out beginning Monday, 5-9-2016. WOW!  What a huge endeavor for me!!  (Okay so I am using a lot of exclamation marks, but I feel very exclamatory this morning.)  I only have two kids right now and they are now 8 and 10.  But still I find myself feeling nervicited.  This is a word that I was exposed to with My Little Pony (yes I watch it with my kids).  It is obviously when you feel nervous and excited!  I do!!!  I want so badly for my children to receive the level of education that they individually  need.  Then there is the question: can I do it?  The answer: YES! With God’s help.

I know the Lord has blessed this endeavor as I have prayed and prayed and prayed and really thought this through and my heart just tugged me in that direction.  It was as if the Lord was saying, “Yes.  DO it.  You can with my help!”  SO I am!! 😀

In addition to homeschooling, I am still the Business Manager of my husbands chiropractic office. Whew!!  What and undertaking…  But it is very rewarding.  I get to see transformation in people’s health every day!  I feel excited to go to work — except on the rare days that my BPD gets me down.  But even then, once I am out of bed, I feel ready for the day ahead of me.  Speaking of which, I have to hop to it!!  But I wanted to say “Hi” and let you know that I am still blogging just right now not so often.  I will, hopefully, get back to it soon.

Thank you for your patience and I am glad you are still reading!

Keep pushing on and moving forward!! 😀

Supera Matris